Motorcyclist killed in Gros Islet crash

Motorcyclist killed in Gros Islet crash
DEAD: Clement Alexander

A man was killed and a female pillion passenger seriously injured during a crash in Rodney Bay, Gros Islet this morning, police officials have confirmed.

The motorcyclist has been identified as Clement Alexander, 24, of Arundell Hill, Castries, and the pillion passenger Michelle Prospere, police said.

The crash occurred at around 2:45 a.m. today (October 12) close to Bay Gardens in Gros Islet.

Reports are that Alexander, also known as Burms, lost control of his motorcycle, veered off the main road and plunged to his death. Both him and the female passenger fell off the bike, but Alexander sustained more serious injuries.

An eyewitness told St. Lucia News Online (SNO): ” A group of friends were coming from Gros Islet and heading towards Castries, when a bike went over the ditch at Bay Gardens Hotel. A female was badly hurt on the bike and the guy supposedly died on the spot.”

Investigations are ongoing.


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  1. What is to be must be we will be cut short now or later theirs nothing in this world that can save any of us from biting the dust a day to enter this evil an bad mind world an a day to live it that's all their is yolo rip


  2. Jah know bro rest in peace here today gone tomorrow just life it must end it did just too soon we miss you bad! And all the badmind and shit talkers jah know people die everyday watch what you say....... Ghetto Story!


  3. Can we have less judgement and more consideration? Why do we people including myself sometimes... Jump the gun and start assuming, judging and pointing fingers when we all are humans we make mistakes and if u check we are not the ones deciding who stays on earth the longest. Believe it or not God decided to take Clement / burms out of our life or this world for a REASON. A REASON his family, friends or people might not know but I'm sure it might be for a GOOD ONE. So all urll NEGATIVE COMMENTERS YES I KNOW URL ARE ENTITLED TO YOUR'LL OWN OPINION BUT DON'T LET IT BE NEGATIVE ESPECIALLY WHEN DEATH IS INVOLVED AND A TRAGIC ONE AT THAT!!! THANK YOU!!!


  4. Rip in peace burms condolences to the family and to the the wife rudee hold on strong baby girl....this too shall pass ♥


  5. Listen!! i live in reduit orchard and at nights you hear these bikes break the corner at vollneys gas station heading north and when they open up the throttle its when they get to the Rodney bay mariner before they go into second gear. I swear you can still hear them slow down to take the pigeon point gap that highway is their own personal speedway and only death can stop them because at that time of night our traffic police are tucked up in bed at home or in the station.


  6. Jah. I hope those of y'all posting all the negative comments ( you know, those of y'all that y'all would not want to read comments like that about your own suddenly deceased loved ones) never have to read those comments about your own loved ones. Ever consider how the family feels when reading them, despite the circumstances behind their injury/death?

    And just to clarify, I don't know either of the victims. Just sad to have to read these negative comments every time something like this happens.


    • Well said. I may do well to stop reading comments period. Such sad news and people so heartless. A life was lost


  7. So becus shes married and has kids she has no life like really she doesnt fete she takes limes wat is wrong with that u all being serious right now.


  8. Beat u all ass we are not god so shouldn't be calling fait on people. But i really want to no for all those who said he was racing where they his ties to no that spread rumors about people dats all u Lucians no how to do.something so tragic happen shut u all as and pray for the familys cus u never no when a memeber of urs will b next.those who no no burms had his faults but was never a hard driver am reading these coments and saying to my self are theys reall people making those state ments wat where they doing out so late the where riding fast just say rip and end it deh smh


  9. Okay once again I am calling on the authorities to put speed bumps near where the accident happened. SMH. Is there not a speed limit and something called helmet and also don't drink and drive/ ride. Anyway if I had told u not to ride so fast or wear helmet or don't drink u would have cursed me. Have fun young man, sorry for u and the young lady but ........


  10. its rare that you hear of experience riders being involved in fatal accidents,y its always those young idiots,when will they learn and stop fooling around with those bikes.its all because of the excitement and showing off especially to impress ppl.the youtes nowadays is to be blame for whats happening to them rite now cause they are so careless.if he was riding at regular speed limit,90 percent chance he would be alive today.riding a bike is like operating a machine,SAFETY FIRST.


  11. R.i.p young man! Speedy recovery to the young lady and condolences to the young man's family. This is tragic and another family mouns. St Lucians it is high time we unite, let's put ourselves in the victims family shoes for once. When u make a comment saying what were you doing out at this time ? Is just ridiculous and idiotic. He is (was) 24 years. U should have stayed quiet smh.


  12. U married UN DAT u doing da poor boy bursting Ur ass on da boat .RIP BURMS will surely be miss .BITCH I NOT FEELING FOR U