BREAKING NEWS: Motorcyclist dies in Praslin accident

BREAKING NEWS: Motorcyclist dies in Praslin accident

acciA male motorcyclist is dead following a collision with a car in Praslin early this morning, according to law enforcement sources.

The victim has been identified as 29-year-old Marlan Jacob aka Yellow of Mon Repos.

Reports are that Jacob was riding northbound when he collided with a southbound car (PK5083) near Freegate.

Crews from the Dennery Fire Station and Micoud Fire Station responded to the report about 12:55 a.m.

Jacob was transported via ambulance to St. Jude Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The Dennery Police Station is investigating.




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  1. i wish i can stop shedding tears internally
    take a look at this accident man that's tragic,
    last time i saw this man he was happy.
    jah guide his sole to the rightful place.
    cant believe this, its scaring me.
    I've seen a lot of these, but its never been so close to home

    for all y'all talking this nonsense or what ever else that is irrelevant, how many of you ever lost your life? some one always has something negative to say after the person is dead, i can lol now but but you dont lol when the truth hits you, imagine the fear in his mind his life flashing before his eyes you cant but me and alot of people can his family especially
    if you can read at all while on this planet i'm going to leave you with this
    learn to have a little more respect...
    RIP brother cant pretend this don't bother me


  2. Bro we just spoke about the bike the last time and I told you to sell that thing after you fell off. It was sad to hear about what happened. RIP Marlon. You will surely b missed. Thinking of you my brother. God rest your soul.


  3. Rip malo so young to live us u will be miss by your sister an daughter I know that for shot


  4. Wow. Another sad story. We mourn another young life.
    We need to take it easy on the road guys. Whatever it is we're rushing to....always remember that we will die and live it there .
    In other words it will always be there.
    My sincere condolences to the families and friends of this young man


  5. Vitalis if you have nothing Good to say then shut up. You make it sound like its only motocyclist are to be blamed for accidents, like they are the most reckless riders. Don't be foolish, the driver may have been the one who was wrong. And these drivers have no respect for motorcyclist. You make it sound like riding a motorcycle is bad. Rip young man


    • Kim, I will not tell you to shut up in space provided for the opposite purpose. But I am through listening to excessive pandering and loquaciousness where persons who have nothing to say keep trying to express it in words. That is my well considered opinion, mark you, and your bantering will not silence it. Motorcyclists are a great menace to the highways both to motorists and pedestrians. On Sundays they even give free "wheely" displays in busy sections of the highway to the unknowing of the highway patrol.,.and I can go on with the list. If you read my comments, I spoke about people like you who give no input into the young motorcyclists safety during his/her lifetime and only pop up when he/she gets in trouble or is dead to express your misplaced condolences.


  6. Bike too powerful, rider inexperienced, probably not wearing a helmet. Happens too often, sad.


  7. No no no is not the the voodoo which make them win their seats that worning...pray for our children. My condolences to the family.


  8. This coutry is in Satans hands.Lord please take charge.My condolences to the young mans family.


  9. Is something wrong with the issuing of licences to young motorcyclists, that they are not "vetted" properly?....I wonder? Or might it be a road safety & lack-of-policing issue? So many young hot-heads are giving up their lives and endangering others in exchange for a dangerous and thrilling ride or because they do not want to wait or simply because they want to show-off. This is lamentable. It's a shame. ...And the parents/family/relatives you are not hearing anything about their input into these young motorcyclists' safety when their bikes are up and running. You only hear of their sympathy and excuses when these youngsters get into trouble or injure/kill someone or themselves gets killed or injured. How many motorcycle related deaths have we had this year? Should this area not be reviewed again to keep these numbers down?


    • seriously where have you ever heard of someone having to be " vetted " to get a motorcycle licence? If you are not privy to the facts or details of the accident just keep your comments to yourself. St.Lucians just always want to comment. Sometimes remaining silent is best especially when you start the name calling and generalizing everyone. RIP Marlon


      • To "vet" is to carry out thorough check or examination on someone. To scrutinize. If motorcycling (& driving) does not improve in this country, the driving authority may recourse to that action. The number of these highway accidents are too high per population. No one is listening, not the motorist, not the motorcyclist. It is an embarrassment.


  10. REST IN PERFECT PEACE! ............ gone too soon..... guide and protect his daughter give the family strength .... my condolences to your people ... BE STRONG .....


  11. Rip malo... Too young to go so soon... will miss you yellow! May God take care of your daughter.


    • We need to know what happen.i cannot say it was the bike or the car that wrong.professionally speaking when the police report is in I can make judgement.all I can say now is condolences to family and close friends of the deceased.


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