Motorcyclist battling for life after Balata road accident

Motorcyclist battling for life after Balata road accident

Relatives of a motorcyclist who was seriously injured in a road accident in Balata Saturday morning (May 18) is calling on the public to donate blood.

According to reports reaching St. Lucia News Online, a vehicle, driven by Eden Charlery of Balata, collided with Canzy Felix Walters’ motorcycle, between 1:30 a.m. and 2 a.m.

Walters, a resident of Fond Assau, Babonneau, is currently in Victoria Hospital and in need of blood transfusion, according to posts by his relatives on social media.

Soleil Walters wrote: “Hey Everyone !! “I require your assistance with the public as my family is in distress right now ..
Recently my loving cousin “Canzy” was involved in a vehicular accident recently and is currently in a critical condition. On behalf of the Walter/Felix family if it won’t be too much trouble for you to humbly make way to the Victoria Hospital as soon as possible to donate some blood for his Blood transfusion. You can contact via Facebook Kizzy First-Lady for more information. Please if possible take some time off to help! And contact the number on the flyer below. PLEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAASSSSSEEEEEEEEE! ANY BLOOD TYPE !!!!!”

The victim’s sister also posted a similar appeal on Facebook.

The Babonneau Police Station responded to the accident.

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  1. 4 out of 5 bikers ride as if they own the road. When they get involved in an accident, it is therefore fatal no wonder this one too. I pray he gets well and learnt his lesson. Good luck.


  2. We do not know the circumstances of this accident so therefore we cannot judge this case. However, i am appealing to all drivers, those with cars, vans, trucks, tractors, trailers, bikes and tanks please follow the traffic rules because they are there for a purpose.

    I am not judging but a bike is a very exciting vehicle and some people love it but i have come to realize that because of its speed and the expectation of other drivers (most drivers are looking out for bigger vehicles so sometimes they miss the bikes) one is more at risk when riding a bike. Your windscreen is replaced by your face and you legs are fenders on the bike. you cannot fall from your vehicle if it encounters a stone or pothole in the road. All those are risks associated with bikes. I am not telling anyone to stop riding but remember all that could happen will happen at some point.

    Some people are too strong in their language of condemnation while others are too fierce at defending. We must understand each other to bring safety awareness to the fore as no particular group owns exclusive rights to the roads. PLEASE BE CAREFUL. I wish the youngster and his family all the best at his speedy recovery as it is always sad when we loose our young St. Lucians.


  3. Most bike accidents happens in either a junction or business place gaps such as a gas station...with this said i think the rider and NOT the driver is more at fault where riders should take heed and slow down at either...on the other hand these were to very young inexperience riders,it also serve the opportunity for present riders to pay more attention.


    • First of all you ignorant f**k. The driver was drunk. And your'll are too damn quick to judge. What if it was a school child that was the one who got hit.


    • Why do people think a helmet will solve all issues with riding a motorcycle? True having a helmet will help with head injuries but there are other important organs in the body. I just find it ridiculous when people ask about helmets, yes they need it but on a bike you aren’t protected in any way all you can do is ride with discipline and hope others drive and also ride with discipline as well.


      • I think its easier to get a broken neck with a a minor accident it may protect ur head, riders just need to be aware of other vichecles and ride safe


      • But bro

        Logic will tell you to protect the organ that controls all other organs , it’s a a game of odds bro , being on the bike you are already an under dog.
        3 out 5 of people with serious head injury in st. Lucia will die .
        So bikers please helmets on .
        I know this health system my next vehicle will be a tank .


    • You really should shut up, if you have no clue what happened, most accidents is because of the driver, those two boys died because of a van coming out of the gas station they tried to avoid him and the car they hit was in turn gunning it...this incident involves a drunk driver hitting him...lucians drivers do not keep riders in all..

      Hope he pulls through...


      • He would have been able to avoid it if he was not speeding though. "most accidents is because of the driver" sounds like you work in the statistics department? if not...shut your stupid rum drinking face.


        • You sound female, i am rider...ten years and counting... Drivers do not take us into consideration.


          • Yes we ignore your flashing hazard lights. Y'all need to learn how to ride PROPERLY and accept he consequences of speeding and recklessness. Most of what y'all do on the road is illegal. Know when an where y'all choose to overtake. But guess what...I'm safe in my car, Ur fully exposed on the bike. Doesn't seem very smart does it. #bikelife. Sell your bike and support your children.


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