BREAKING NEWS: ‘Mosquito’ captured after almost 8 years on the run for Dennery chopping incident

By SNO Staff

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A man who was wanted for the chopping of a Dennery woman is now behind bars waiting to be sentenced for the gruesome crime he committed almost eight years ago.

Law enforcement sources have confirmed that 52-year-old Sylvane Augustin, also known as ‘Mosquito’, was finally captured on Saturday, January 6, 2018 on a farm near Green Mountain in Dennery by the Dennery police.

According to information obtained by St. Lucia News Online, Augustin is accused of using a cutlass to chop Sylvanne Shoulette, a resident of Morne Panache, Dennery, in March 2010.

Shoulette reportedly sustained lacerations to her head and both arms. She also had remedial surgery done on both arms.

The victim had been living in fear since the incident despite rumours that the assailant was out of State, according to sources.

A warrant for Augustin’s arrest was issued by the authorities in March 2010 but he evaded them until his luck ran out last weekend.

The accused pleaded guilty to grievous harm and was ordered remanded when he appeared in court on Monday.

The matter has been adjourned to February 5.

A law enforcement source said Shoulette was attacked when she met him in her house in Morne Panache, a section of the Grand Riviere community in Dennery on the night of the incident.

“She (the victim) said that she allowed the guy to live next to her in a structure which was once her grocery shop. He also helped her on her farm. The night of the incident she had gone out with her children’s father. When she entered the house he was in her house. He on the other hand is saying that they had an affair,” the source said.

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  1. 8yrs to capture mosquito ?when we have so many mosquitoes all over the place.

  2. Wow! this "Jungle Bunny" managed to live off the land for 8 years. Came from ape, then reverted to ape

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    • YOUR RIGHT, we need more MOSQUITO'S !!!

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  3. Unbelievable; the police in St Lucia couldn't find a Jew in Israel. They are totally incompetent. It would take me less than a week to find this man.

  4. After 8 yrs. not a single photo of about being a ghost. wow

  5. Wow after 8 Years but still good

  6. Eight years. Eight years. Eight years and he right in Dennery O my God. During this time he must have eat, bathe and rest his head somewhere. He probably we to carnival and the police could not catch him, worst yet nobody saw him, unbelievable in little St Lucia.

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