BREAKING NEWS: Montserrat confirms first coronavirus case

BREAKING NEWS: Montserrat confirms first coronavirus case

(MNIALIVE.COM) — Montserrat today confirmed its first case of coronavirus/COVID -19 during a press conference held with officials from the island’s Ministry of Health.

The news was delivered by Minister of Health, Hon Charles Kirnon who stated that of the three suspected cases sent abroad for testing one was returned positive. That individual is now under quarantine.

Other persons are currently in quarantine, according to Ministry of Health officials, but the exact number was not revealed.

Kirnon also stated that public health UK has been working with his Ministry on the COVID-19 situation on Montserrat, and a list of equipment and other help that will be needed has been made and submitted to the British government.

The message from Montserrat’s Ministry of Health to the general public now that COVID-19 has been confirmed on Montserrat is to stay vigilant; practice social distancing — at least two meters if persons exhibit signs of cold, cough, flu. Practice good hygiene, and to stay away from public gatherings.

A flu clinic to be opened from tomorrow on the island, stated Ministry officials.

More details to come via MNI Media as it becomes available.


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