BREAKING NEWS: Missing elderly man found dead

By SNO Staff

17373208_1367822236597856_1237418128_oMembers of a search party have discovered the lifeless body of 74-year-old Edmund Crick, who had been missing for just over one week.

Edmund’s partially decomposed body was discovered along the banks of a river in Jetrine around 11 a.m. today, March 19, by two persons of a search party, according to his daughter, Tasha Crick.

She said part of his body was in the water.

Based on the condition of the body, foul play is not suspected at this time, but the family will await the outcome of the police investigations before coming to a conclusion, Tasha said.

Asked how she felt about the discovery, Tasha said: “I cried when he went missing but now I feel a sense of relief that we found him because we gonna know what happened to him.”

Tasha said a 20-member search party, comprising 10 police officers, began the search around 9 a.m. today in the Banse/La Haut area. Eventually, the team broke up into individuals/smaller groups and searched along the river.

Edmund’s body was discovered about two hours after the search began.

Tasha also disclosed that her father’s dog returned home around noon on Friday.

Two days before that, 14 persons, including eight police officers, conducted a major search.

Edmund, also known as as ‘Mr. Raleigh’, was last seen alive in the Banse/La Haut area on Saturday morning (March 11) with his white dog.

Relatives said he may have been suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia due to his age. They said he had never been away from home that long.

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  1. My condolences to the family. RIP minster

  2. concerned foreign citizen

    RIP old man. Sympathy to the family

  3. They should have pay more attention to the dog on it return. Some dogs are really smart and could have been acting a bit strange if they were always together. The dog could have even lead them to the area where he was. .... sorry for your lost.

  4. Sad to hear, but happy to know he is found. Rip , and condolences to the family

  5. 100% born Lucian

    I'm happy the body was found at least it will bring some closure l sympathize with the family. May God comfort you in this tying time.

  6. Id dread the old man had to die out in the open so knowing dogs it must have stayed with him for a while

  7. Wah,that's sad, R I P old man


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