BREAKING NEWS: Minister Flood-Beaubrun bashed for her “anti-LGBT and hate agenda”

BREAKING NEWS: Minister Flood-Beaubrun bashed for her “anti-LGBT and hate agenda”

(PRESS RELEASE) – The weekend of November 17th – 18th 2017 was the stage for the very homophobic and anti-LGBT group World Congress of Families (WFC).

This fifth World Congress of Families Caribbean Conference, under the misleading theme “The Family Development – Strong Families, Prosperous Nations”, provided a platform for the continued persecution of not just LGBT persons but our Saint Lucian citizens.

Organized by the Hon. Sarah Flood-Beaubrun, Minister, with responsibility for External Affairs and founder of the Caribbean Centre for Family and Human Rights (CARIFAM). The Congress brought together the most fringe activists engaged in anti-LGBT extremism and sort to promote messages of “the natural family”, “Marriage” is the cradle of civilization along with other anti-human rights notions.

United and Strong joins a number of regional and international colleagues in denouncing the hateful anti-LGBT campaign of the World Congress of Families (WCF) and Caribbean Centre for Family and Human Rights (CARIFAM).

We were also perplexed by the presence of the Acting Prime Minister Hon. Guy Joseph and Hon. Lenard Montoute at such a gathering which promotes a value of hate. Even more disturbing to the organization is the view that CARIFAM/WCF seem to have been sub-contracted as the moral compass of our fair Helen.

We therefore call on the Prime Minister of this nation along with the Hon. Lenard Montoute, to answer this question “are the views expressed by the Hon. Sarah Flood-Beaubrun and her hate promoting colleagues, that of the government of Saint Lucia?” Clearly, the Minister with responsibility for External Affairs has and continues to use her position as a Government Minister to push the hateful agenda of her organization CARIFAM and WCF.

The Hon. Sarah Flood-Beaubrun seems to have adopted the posture of being “Split in the middle” speaking on behalf of CARIFAM as a seating member of parliament in the government of Saint Lucia and a Cabinet Minister. Mrs. Flood-Beaubrun needs to decide on, if she is serving the people of this country or her own anti-LGBT interest?

We call on the Hon. Flood-Beaubrun to show how she truly cares about the women and families of this country by:

* Pushing for the amendments in our Criminal Code that currently recognizes marital rape only under certain circumstances;

* Speaking out when men of the cloth sexually abuse our young girls and religious bodies remain tight lipped to protect the image of their organizations;

* Show support to the women who are beaten by their husbands but remain quiet so the “church” would not reprimand them for speaking out;

United and Strong will continue to be the voice of reason and change for the voice-less and the persecuted.

We shall not tire and we shall not go quietly into the night, the walls of hatred built by such organizations like CARIFAM and WCF shall tumble like the walls of Jericho.


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  1. The Minister is entitled to her beliefs, however when that belief becomes law and policy for a whole nation, citizens have a right to comment.
    Today is buggery, what other belief will she make law tomorrow as her religion dictates?
    The Minister specifically called out LGBTQI people, so this is only in response to her. She has made it an issue.
    Gay people pose no more threat to society than any other bracket and the religious argument is null and void in government, which is supposed to ensure the rights of citizens are upheld. Is Government of Saint Lucia doing its job in that regard?


  2. Them lgbt salop want a free hand to bool and rub cunt as they please ,it cannot and will not happen , it's time u dirty and nasty animals get pregnant and your backs swells so every one can see u are a salop ,


    • And you with your expletive filled comments is not? Great example that being straight/heterosexual doesn't make you a good or smart human.


  3. Clearly what you're saying is: anything to do with family promotes hatred towards gays/LGBTQ (??)

    I sincerely believe that you all need a bible study or need to read the bible for yourselves. There is nothing new under the sun and the bible deals with everything that we have encountered or will encounter in this life. Try it.

    Stop looking at Pastors, Ministers and other persons... they too are sin-sick humans just like us and are dealing with the same sin issues that we all grapple with everyday. That is not to say I condone the immoral actions some of them engage in - not so at all.

    Neither the Government or the Ministers can do everything, we also need to do our part in building up our communities, helping each other, not adding to societal problems by spreading hate...


    • The press release doesn't state it but she specifically said it will be her duty to ensure Saint Lucia always has anti-gay laws such as jail for same-sex relationships.


  4. So because people do not support your lifestyle it's hate? Hogwash! Here is a solution for this LGBT issue. Allow those folks to live on some island/ country somewhere, where they will be free to practice their sexual preferences as they please with no one to bother them . They will be able to enact their own laws and marry whoever they wish with no botheration or criticism. After a period of time; they will all be EXTINCT since they will not be able to procreate!


    • Gay people are birthed the same as everyone else. They will never be extinct. They have been there from very far back in history. Do your research.


  5. "Article 12, Universal Declaration of Human Rights: "NO ONE shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation."

    That includes me - a heterosexual.

    'Nuff said...


  6. I never heard Sarah Flood not for once criticize the church when the Catholic priest were uncovered abusing abusing hundreds of little boys over scores of years , the greatest tragedy of human abuse .


  7. God is anti-gay. We were created for his pleasure and it is him that all created humans should strive to please. If we read the Bible and develop a relationship with him we would truly see sin in all its sinfulness and seek God's help in changing our ways.


    • God is anti-gay. We were created for his pleasure and it is him that all created humans should strive to please. If we read the Bible and develop a relationship with him we would truly see sin in all its sinfulness and seek God's help in changing our ways.

      God doesn't hate the person, he hates the sin.


  8. To the citizens of St Lucia, shut your mouths for accepting a minister who fails to transition into her ministerial post but instead feeds you her pet gripes and your prejudices against gays, LGBT and prostitutes. It is so damn stupid; you pay her a hefty fee for non-performance and undermining social cohesion! Like in other managerial spheres you get the leadership you deserve.


  9. Out of the garden Eden came Adamson and Eve
    Not Adamson and Stevenage
    If God wanted to be man with man a dog woman with woman then the results would be different


  10. Its appalling the behavior and mindset of men and women today. LGBT people has rights as everyone. Yes they are trying to get the views heard and understood and using every platform available to do such. If members of the society want to do the same on other issues go ahead but by no means go on this ignorant spree of throwing words. Lets look at our current society.Some of the men and women throwing the mizzy stones cant take care of their kids whom creation promotes right. Unfit to be parents, teenage pregnancy,rape all to procreate. You wanna procreate so much that you cant feed your kids shameful. Yes there are men who go after the young boys and are well married,own businesses,are successful and ghetto low key as hell. But hey they do it cause the women cant seem to satisfy their needs or they wanna taste the forbidden fruit. Now there are men who go behind young girls. We know about but we cast a blind eye cause its ok right until its a family member then youll gonna be beating you'll asses and acting as hypocrites. LGBT,Disabled or anyone society deems misfits gets harassed,bullied,beaten,disowned or even killed. You wanna talk about God all the time LGBT issues arises your pastors sleeping with your daughters, wives and even sons. Your church preach hate against other peoples religious believes and turn a blind eye to the violence and corruption happening in the country whiles collection keeps they pockets filled. God will judge everyone at the end of his or her life were not God stop judging cause many of youll going to HELL for the hypocrisy you display daily. Dont be surprised many LGBT folk go to HEAVEN for all sin is sin yes but they works besides they lifestyle are good and pure. And to the closet cases who wanna bash anyone who feels comfortable in they skin. Remember this LGBT dont come after you most of you go after them out of thirst and lust of the flesh. STEUPS. I hate reading comments from ignorant beings.


    • is it ok to be an adulterer or murderer or thief,, homosexuality is equally wrong.
      hope when someone eats your spouse, back the poop up your son / daughter or commits an act of cannon knowledge pedophile, rape you who accept that they too have rights as homosexuals.
      it is illegal to commit such acts in the law books just as the rest,, why and who gave them right to make it ok and deprive ME of my rights to accommodate them!!!!
      then woe be unto you hypocrites


    • You ignorant shameless asshole. Don't you know that in the home , meals are eaten in the dining room and not in the bathroom .


  11. My only question is why does the gay and lgbt community want to feel free to talk about their preferences but when other people speak about theirs the gay community objects and calsl them haters?


  12. Inside of going all over the world talking stupidness I would much prefer that
    the Government work on things affecting me and other St. Luicans like
    solving crime and creating an atmosphere for employment.

    People must stop making preachers fool them.