Micheal Chastanet in hospital

Micheal Chastanet in hospital
Micheal Chastanet
Micheal Chastanet
Micheal Chastanet

Businessman, Michael Chastanet, has been hospitalized with a non life-threatening ailment.

Reports are that Chastanet has been in hospital since Thursday, December 24.

He was reportedly flown to Miami, where he is expected to undergo surgery.

His son, Allen Chastanet, political leader of the United Workers Party (UWP), is said to be with him.


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  1. Listen to us politicize illness and wealth. Are we really looking to head in the development direction. We as a mass should stand for each other ir-respective of affiliation.

    why don't we speak of the prices of goods still being the same as the fuel prices continue to drop. Isnt that a point to debate??


  2. I don't care what you all say i love Victoria Hospital.If you all have the money fly wherever you to want to but leave my V.H. alone. Some of you all don't pay v.h. for services and you all pay at Tapion and overseas and you all expect everything there.Think my people.


  3. why is it some people are so insencitive when people make their decision concerning their health and their personal buisness?


    • To me, Michael is not the type of man who go for having a little cold to hospital and he pay for the cost by himself other then party members whose bills got paid by the public.


  4. Others persons go to cuba colombia usa etc. He has help persons go overseas also i bet. If he can afford then its his choice. I pray fods healing and mercy over him may you recover speedly.


  5. JUST GIVE HIM A DOUBLE-SHOT OF "FIREBALL" mix with ten drops of piton beer.
    and bring him back home so he can witness his son total loss and the defeat by the mighty men of S L P.


  6. I care! He gave me the Job I have now. He took me off the STEP line. All the best. God be with you.


  7. Me you are obviously young in the game. Irrespective of race, colour, wealth or political affiliation sickness can come to anybody, no one is exempt and nobody wishes it on him/her self. Consequently there should be no sarcastic or side comments when it comes to sickness


  8. There are so many people in Lucia with life threatening sickness that can barely afford to fly to Martinique for surgery. But here we are that a rich man with a non life threatening ting going to Miami... who cares, i mean really.


    • I don't see how the man being able to afford have to surgery in Miami has anything to do with those who can't.

      I'm sure you re not donating thousands of dollars of your own money to the causes of those less fortunate. Until you re not doing your part don't expect anyone else too.


    • some of you lucians are so dam ignorant and stupid...... the man is free to do what the hell he wants aa ....how ur'l so indiscrete and out of place.....yall want to tell ppl how to live their lives????? i really dont understand gosh man


    • Did he ask for assistance? Let me guess, NO because I did not read such. He can afford to do so. If he asked for assistance then make it a problem.


    • I agree with Mr. Chastanet, even though your sickness is not life- threatening leave St. Lucia. If you remain at the hospital here, then your sickness will be life threatening. Alvina has done very little in the ministry of health to ease the pains and suffering of patients, The hospitals have no paracetamol no plasters no medication, so what is Mr. Chastanet doing at the hospital here. Patients with flu and dengue cannot get proper treatment far less . Mr. Chastanet run for your life, leave St. Lucia and do not return until you are well.


    • Well if your son was such a popular figure as a hopeful to lead the country or if you were a seriously prominent business person obviously you would be in the news if you farted in public.........


    • He should have been your dad and then you would see how much you would have cared you disgrace thing to be called human


    • I guess when KDA and his wife, when government ministers, when even Jadia hospital bills get paid after being flown out of St. Lucia that's not your business too? Yes i went there. I went there because that was where you came from and where you live. Foolishness and loss of humanity.


    • And we have Jadia who make $8000 a month and is barely considered poor, but Kenny pays $64,000 of our tax money for her to go to Martinique for medical care. At least Mr. Chastenet is using his own money so stfu!


    • Jealous much bitch? He work very hard for his money to spend it on himself when opportunity raise it ugly head. Your comment is pathetic you are a miserable and vindictive sub human. Hope when your time comes, you have a nickle to pay Victoria Hospital or the Clinic where you reside. I wish you Misery,life threatening Maladies and all the BAD things for 2016,you are not a nice person at all please grant me a favor and throw yourself a neck tie party AMEN. Mr Chastanet here's wishing you a speedy recovery an return home safe.


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