BREAKING NEWS: Men beating suspect in video face arrest

BREAKING NEWS: Men beating suspect in video face arrest

capture-20150910-003628The citizens who beat a burglary suspect in Carielle, Castries on Wednesday could face criminal charges.

Police Press Officer Zachary Hippolyte told St. Lucia News Online today that you cannot fight crime by committing a crime.

“We as a society, we cannot support the fight against crime by committing crimes. It is clear in the criminal code that a citizen can arrest another citizen who has committed an indictable offence. You arrest the person, you detain the person, you bring the person to the police station or you wait for the police, but whilst the person is detained and the person is no longer a threat to you or any other person, you cannot assault the person. It’s an offence. You cannot wound or cause any form of injury or bodily harm to the individual. It is an offence,” Hippolyte explained.

He added: “So it is not proper. This the reason why we are guided by laws. And if we are a society that contributes or we promote committing a crime to fight crime, then we definitely will never, never put a dent on crime, because you are committing a crime to try and stop crime, so you’re adding onto the crime problem. So we the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force, we do not promote this. We do not accept it….”

The press officer is encouraging citizens to read the laws that govern them so that they could know their rights to deal with such matters when they arise.

“But it definitely isn’t proper. It is against the law, it is an offence to cause injury or bodily harm to an individual that you have already detained, that you have already arrested and who no longer poses a threat to you or any other person,” he added.

It is not clear yet if the men seen beating the suspect with sticks and tree branches will be arrested, but based on the laws the police could cage them at anytime.

Meanwhile, the burglary suspect was handed over to the police but he has not yet been charged. He faces charges related to criminal trespass and attempted burglary.

The young male suspect was accused of breaking into a Carielle home Wednesday morning.

Reports are that the alleged thief gained entry through a window in the bottom flat of the house.

A friend of the owner reportedly came into contact with the suspect when he visited the home.

The trespasser attempted to flee, but neighbours managed to tie him up.

He had in his possession, cash and other items, including a TV remote control, that were stolen from the house.

The suspect was handed over to the police.

However, before he was handed over, he was given a sound beating all over his body by three male individuals. The  beating was captured on video and posted on Facebook group page, St. Lucians Aiming For Progress (SLAPS).

In the video, the suspect, who is tied by the foot to a concrete column, is being beaten on his head, back and upper torso with sticks and tree branches by several men as he bawls and begs for mercy.

The video has gone viral but has evoked mixed reactions. Many persons on SLAPS are rejoicing on the suspect’s capture and his punishment at the hands of the civilians, while a few others commented that vigilante justice is illegal.

Some still believe the beating was not enough.




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  1. I am not going to condone what these guys did but instead of the government making them a scape goat they need to take a look at the reason why this happened in the first place. The population is frustrated with the crime situation. The government needs to take a more serious look at the crime situation. The government needs to be more empathetic to the plight of the people. The men are not isane to just beat a ma for no reason. The government should stop playing games and address the real problem. They are embarrassed that is why they are bent on charging those two guys. Bottom lie they need to address the real problem and it is the crime situation.


  2. Nonesense .... he got just what he deserved.... Lucky for him he isn`t in one of those countries where he be stoned or hanged for stealing come on ... no broken bones no damaged organs .... hes still alive out of jail on bail... and these cops want to now charge you for doing that bullocks ... listen he deserve it 100 percent ... you now learn why its important not to post the hot videos on Facebook but other Wise he got it coming ... st lucians should stand up and make sure that these men dont get charged and have the damn cops do their jobs properly to hell with this i wish i had this evidence my appartment was broken into an now the cops wont do anything because we have no proof you have no idea what that feel like when so low life comes into your space and takes away that you have worked for saved for and he or she just walks away with it no regards no respect.....


  3. If they had just handed him over to the Police he would have been released a short distance away only to return to the same house since he knew the window was still an easy access or enter another house nearby. If they arrest the beaters then they are opening the way for missing persons reports.


  4. Say what ever you people want we have to follow the laws of the land u don't asault a man after u detain him and record it very foolish the video is evidence gosh


  5. A grown man get licks with some twigs, TWIGs and simple minded fools start telling about his rights. This man was caught in the ACT of committing a crime, he was not an innocent man minding his own business. Criminals know it is an Occupational Hazard to get beaten if they are caught and they take that chance. Criminals do not have any rights except to a FAIR trial and those that prison authorities impose in incarceration. Laws are made to protect Law-abiding People, Citizens and Visitors. Laws are not made to be broken, only Fools and Criminals say they are. There is no law I have heard of (in any Country) that have legislate rights for criminals. QUOTE me the Law that say they do. Criminals reject laws that are made to protect them, their families and the rest of us, but claim them back when caught, sorry you made your choice. The only way to regain those rights is to pay a penalty in the courts of law. When a person reject the Laws of the Land and break them, they are saying that they consider themselves above the law, their actions show they are not bound by the laws that the rest of us abide by. And by doing so made themselves OUTLAWS, meaning outside of the Law, deprived of the law s protection, Criminal, Brigand etc. NOW, If they are outside of the laws protection, what rights do they have!? The only thing that can save them is the law that say, every one is innocent until proven guilty, BUT this is protect those who cannot defend themselves properly, those who can be taken advantage of and those who may be falsely accused. So was this man an outlaw? (criminal), was he innocent? was he falsely accused (with the SWAG in his hands? does he have any rights? Unless there is a law somewhere that say a felon caught cannot be harmed in any way, then what happened to that man is legal. THINK about this, Everyone has the right to protect their home and family. if it is wrong to beat a felon with twigs that cause no permanent injury, how can a police officer be justified to shoot someone dead and get away with it, even when a person is innocent. I would like the keeper (only the keeper please) of the law to point out any errors I have made. If children can take such licks so can a grown man. In this case justice was not just served, it was seen to be served. One last thing, you people who are complaining, DON'T call for any help you are in need not even from the police; you don't want other people to get in trouble by causing injury to your assailant do you. IN fact tell us who you are, so we can avoid you.


  6. The video and post was the big mistake! Stupid decision which could out the beaters in big trouble. The decision to prosecute the beaters should be weighed against public sentiment.


  7. The video and post was the big mistake! Stupid decision which could put the beaters in big trouble. Any decision to prosecute the beaters should be weighed against public sentiment.


  8. Arrest them for what.Nonsense. If the owner of the house had walked in on the thief and the thief was armed , what would have happened. The owner would be murdered. The persons who caught him did not use excessive force, they did not try to kill him, they burst his tail with twigs from a tree.That beating was more effective than sending him to jail for three months.this will be a deterrent for him.
    Some years ago a thief went into my house, to get in he burst the burglar bars from the wall, stole every piece of jewelry that I had invested in, laptop, Dvd ,cellphones etc. The police came to investigate,big production, finger prints etc and then what, nothing.Beating a thief with a twig does not warrant arresting them. We the public support them.


    • The point is he did not hurt anyone.......he was captured let the police deal with him. Too many of us want to do other people's job. Beating that poor man like that is abuse. If he is smart he can sue these mean for abusing him..we as st lucians need to educate ourselves in the laws that govern us. Everyone has rights.