BREAKING NEWS: Men charged for possession of firearm and ammunition

BREAKING NEWS: Men charged for possession of firearm and ammunition
A .380 pistol
A .380 pistol

(PRESS RELEASE) – On Friday, September 22, 2017, during a police operation at Cacao, Babonneau, a .380 pistol, ten rounds of ammunition and two magazines were recovered.

Two individuals were arrested as a consequence.

Twenty nine (29) year old Jervaughn St. Claire and thirty (30) year old Steve Joseph both residents of Cacao, Babonneau, were formally charged for the offences of Possession of Firearm and Possession of Ammunition.

The two appeared before the First District Court in Gros Islet, today, Monday, September 25, 2017, for a bail hearing.

They were granted bail in the sum of $3000.00 for Possession of Firearm and $1000.00 for Possession of Ammunition.


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  1. Yall just talking blah blah blah!im seriously pleading to the youths to get some overstanding and try living for the sake of life which is very the statement said that the stuff was "recovered" it never said that it was directly found on the person of the individuals..this is where systematic comes into play,dirty babylon educate lawyers to defend such encounters,hence the discretion of the court with such lenient bail requirements the fact that the police do not have sufficient evidence but someone gotta take the and u will learn ppl!
    The system build the gun and made it very easy access to get in the hands of low minded ni**as with no morals ....a recipe for disaster!


  2. Well, well, well! Am I reading this correctly? $3000.00 and $1000.00 and out on bail? With the level of crime on this small island? You guys are kidding! Not serious about crime at all. We the ordinary citizens are in deep dodo in St. Lucia. The elites can take care of themselves.


  3. well in his defence it was the first time he was 'CAUGHT' so be all means the court has to be lenient so he can come back out to do it again


  4. 10 rounds of ammunition = 10 lives --($1000.00 bail for 10 bullets) i.e $100 per life that could have been lost. is that what the life of a st.lucian is worth?
    Smh.... Is the problem the law or the ones paid to serve justice?


  5. Response to Mr. Peter Jose on the Star News Paper.


    adjective, Slang.


    relaxed or unhurried:
    laid-back music rhythms.


    free from stress; easygoing; carefree:
    a laid-back way of living.

    It does not mention of laziness, I am a laid back person but have worked very hard for what is mine, so get your facts together.


  6. Just look at the amount of money for bail, $3000 and $1000, and you expect crime will reduce, when someone is found with an illegal gun what reasonable excuse can the person give, the only thing a gun can do is kill, nothing else, it's not multiple purpose like a knife or cutlass , as far as am concerned, there should be no bail for having an illegal gun.


    • While I agree with your statement, you need to realize, the gun serves as a means of comfort..the disciplined individual can be armed in your presence and you never know, illegal or not. These idiots we have around robbing/raping they are going to get whats due to them. The disciplined individual will simply indicate he is armed and ready to shoot by simply firing one or two shots in the air if the situation permits. The disciplined individual will shoot to disable the attacker and not aim to kill. While I am against being in possession of an unlicensed firearm I am still poised to favor those who take that path considering the difficulty and time it takes to even be considered for license. Its ridiculous in a sense, apart from getting your psyche checked and above all reason for wanting a firearm, the process alone takes way too long. Now such issues only lies with new-applications or people without names of which i will not mention but there is without a doubt favor when it comes to that.

      People dont feel safe with their hands anymore.


  7. Hermangild Francis said it best. The police do their jobs yet the courts are so lenient. With the number of firearm offenses here you would think the courts would go for the maximum penalty in such cases. Or is it the laws that need revision.


    • Governments and ministers complain that the justice system is not functional but it is the Government which makes the laws for the judiciary to enforce! So if the Minister and Government feel that the magistrates have too much discretion or latitude in the granting of bail then please change the law. Hypocrites!


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