BREAKING NEWS: Medical school relocates from St. Lucia to Antigua

BREAKING NEWS: Medical school relocates from St. Lucia to Antigua
Atlantic University School of Medicine was located here in Rodney Bay, Gros Islet. It is now in Antigua.
Atlantic University School of Medicine was located here in Rodney Bay, Gros Islet. It is now in Antigua.

Another medical school is set to make Antigua its home from September.

Atlantic University School of Medicine will commence classes from September 7th in Antigua.

St. Lucia was previously the home for the school which has a student population of one hundred and twenty and expecting a larger enrollment for its January semester.

The university will set up operations at the old City View Hotel on Newgate Street.

The hotel has been closed for almost two years.

Paul Leone, Programme Director at the university, expressed gratitude to the Government of Antigua & Barbuda for making the transition seamless.

He says, “All the relevant arms of government were very proactive in ensuring that we are in this position today; from our initial interaction with Prime Minister Gaston Browne to the great efficiency shown by the Attorney General and the Ministers of Health and Education, have enabled our readiness.”

The university will set up operations at the old City View Hotel on Newgate Street, St. John’s, Antigua.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne says the arrival of the medical school is confirmation that his government is serious about attracting new partners.

He says, “like we have seen with other medical schools based here; the environment that we have created, the comfort and amenities that we possess, meaning that students from around the world are attracted to our shores to continue their education. We are aware of the great economic impact that medical schools have on our economy and, in that regard, we are very keen to welcome the Atlantic University School of Medicine here in Antigua”.

Students from North America, Canada, India, United Kingdom, Nigeria, and as far away as South Korea has an interest in the school.

Students are expected to begin arriving on the island about August 20.


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  1. International American University IAU Medical school in Vieux fort will be the next one to leave. They not paying their employees. I know someone who works there and they two paychecks behind now.


  2. the school moved because of the prime ministers was asking that they pay more money to the government. It is funny how they didn't mention that the prime minister wanted to increase the fees and the school disagreed


  3. These shady private schools are always suspect. Is this school accredited? Sometimes its not worth the trouble and we have to say thanks to God they left. Next thing you hear is "human trafficking, "and we now have to scramble all over the place, facing some international shit storm. LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP. I say "good riddance."


  4. So it lost its accreditation in St. Lucia and now it's moving to Antigua. Don't blame the UWP government. They were nowhere near when that school came in.


  5. Ok they are moving and it's a fait accompli. The Government should now look at the while offshore medical school policy to get serious about whether we want to allow any fly by night me school to pop in and out every few years or whether we are serious about assisting the long standing Spartan University School of Medicine in VF or another serious school to prosper and expand. Look how Dominica with Ross University and Grenada with St George's have left us behind. Shame on St Lucia..... Spartan has been in SLU longer than those others have been around but they have grown into fully accredited me schools while Spartan and some of the others struggle to get even local support. Shame on government. I mean government SLP and UWP.


    • Check up on Dominica and Ross. The same thing happened about 3 days ago. I think St. Lucia and Dominica stood up to nonsense by those schools and they decided to leave the two islands at the same time.


  6. they are not moving because of any good deal, they just want to deceive the students in the school since they are having accreditation problem. Other medical schools except from spartan are in the same mess but they are working on it. Atlantic is looking down on the government and after bragging to their student that CAMP hp is useless, do you think they will want to apply for the accreditation?


  7. No big loss there, since some of those medical schools are not accredited, including this one, as in this link (for those who do not believe):


    • The St Lucian authority is on a mission to shut all medical schools on the island, whilst other countries are encouraging partnerships and regularization. All of the schools will survive with or without this list..and they will have all the accreditation in place..yall watch and see..Yall Lucians like to depend too much on hotels and know nothing about running any University..Watch Sir Arthur Lewis and Monroe College..they still can't boom into anything great yet.


    • These schools are not accredited because we have failed to come up with a system for accreditation. They will all move to somewhere where its easier to get things done. Canada is basically attacking St Lucia not these 5 schools. They saying your country doesn't even have a set of guidelines for these schools to follow. Its not any Party at fault, year after year we just want to talk about accreditation. Just talk.


      • We do not have a culture of academic excellence in Saint Lucia. Remember how SLP almost had success in fooling the rest of us about a certain PhD fellow?


    • smh get ur facts right because of an error made by ur governments ministry of education it was suppose to 2020 smh now a number of persons are out of a job which is hard to find, and why force med schools to get regional accreditation when non of the students want to stay in the region.


  8. They right to go yall children does rob the foreign students too much. They don't feel safe here anymore. A bunch of lazy ass parents waiting on the govt to give them work, while their children robbing at gun and knife point. Go raise yall kids, provide for them their needs so they won't get jealous when they see people passing with laptops and smart phones.


  9. Just so people know, the school did not snub St. Lucia, it is not relocating out of anything other than it is being forced to do so because the ministry of health refused to renew their accreditation so the students will not be able to write the licensing exams they would need to practice medicine. The school is fairly new and accreditation from the main board takes time, but the government decided not to give them the time they need so they are being forced to leave if they want to keep getting students because what student will go to a school that will result in them not getting to work.


      • I believe that. To me accreditation should be coming from overseas bodies. Whereas, on the other hand, licensing should be the job of the Saint Lucia government. We barely have one good hospital with a high regional reputation. So, where will the accrediting persons come from to benchmark international standards?


  10. Find out first of all, how many "good boys, at home" robbed the students at gun point or at knife point, over the existence of that school? Recently, have you seen how many bleeding hearts we have saying that God, God oui, has a plan for our good boy criminals? After they do all their wickedness, killing, shooting, and chopping one another like meat in the market, God has a plan for them. By aypee pwann. Oh God, there are too many, too many adult idiots walking around in this country.


    • Not only robbery..students got serious injuries from hit and run my poor rentals will suffer.smh


  11. That is surely gonna affect the small home owners who rent to these students
    Anybody blaming the uwp gov yet


    • Blame SLP for allowing such frauds to run business in St. Lucia and not following up to make sure they are following rules and regulations.


      • SLP? Are you kidding me? This is the same school that the UWP brought in (during Stephenson King Admin) brought in and wanted them to be located at the Owen King Hospital.


      • The school was no fraud. It is accredited. They were given a very short timeline to receive a new type of accredition. The actual deadline is 2023 however our wise Government gave them only 6 months to achieve this accreditation, which is impossible due to the long vetting process. Blame Chastanet for running all those schools out of island because he wants to undo everything the previous administration did. Look out Monroe College is next ...


  12. What I want to know is what happens to the nursing students that attent this school from Stlucia