BREAKING NEWS: Mass casualty incident

BREAKING NEWS: Mass casualty incident

(SNO) – Tragedy has struck at a carnival event in Sarrot, Castries.

Reports are that over 50 persons sustained injuries after a truck (band) accelerated, injuring most of the persons who were hanging to a rope behind the band.

Emergency services received the report just before 5 p.m.

A source said the injured got “tangled and dragged” in the ropes after the truck unexpectedly accelerated.

Some of the injured were transported to hospital via private vehicle and ambulance.

A medical source said a large number of persons were admitted to hospital with broken bones and abrasions.

The band involved in the incident – Valley Carnival  Band De’Sole – posted an apology on Facebook: (unedited) “We would like to apologize it’s Unfortunate some of our people have gotten injured today we are investigating what happen for now we are ensuring the persons who got injured is taken care of that is priority for us now. We will give an update later.”

One of the injured persons also posted on Facebook (unedited): “Today we could’ve lost our lives but thankfully the most high wasn’t ready for us… yes we got hurt but by the grace of the most high we’re ok…… dezole admin yall hve alot of questions to answer over 3 hours now we vh…. over 50 casualties n not 1 person from the band to check on us.”


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  1. Next time urll will learn. Coming and disturb people with urll loud music, out of shape women half naked. Tf is this.


  2. and i QUOTE “Today we could’ve lost our lives but thankfully the most high wasn’t ready for us… yes we got hurt but by the grace of the most high we’re ok. after all of this revelry which the most high dont like and is against should give yall an indication that yall should repent cause, as you said all of yall almost died on the spot at carnival and he was not ready for yall so that means he is giving yall another chance to get yall house in order cause you might die at anytime and after death there is no chance again
    . ( only those who dont understand and the haters will post a dislike)


  3. First of all the incident did not take place in sarrot it was in varnard and it was never the driver's fault anyone got hurt. He was asked to go faster so he did just that I have no idea where u guys go this news.


  4. Hopefully every1 pulls thru... We f in a morden age n these bands need insurance so dt we the patrons r secured in such cases


    • Your ignorance is showing, carnival began hundreds of years ago, slaves were not allowed to be in merriment so when your people (assuming you are black or descendant of) were free it became a display of rebel, much like the patois language, they were not allowed to learn, patois was formed within the very few that learned the French and was twisted so the masters couldnt comprehend. Religion has no role in such matters. Safety, lack of common sense and booze does.


  5. I do hope everyone recovers from their injuries. Jesus watch over them.


  6. Everywhere want to have carnival and its not safe in all communities with these trucks.
    Mass events need to be within areas that have adequate space for vehicles to manoevre. Castries, Dennery, Gros Islet, Vieux Fort, Micoud cater for such but not on hillside area like Sarrot.
    Hope everyone pulls through.


    • It is true every community wants to host their own carnival band just to make a name for themselves and not thinking of the people safety. It is time the authority look into event like mass crowd especially canival going up and down hills they must so so


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