BREAKING NEWS: Marisule homicide suspect appears in court

BREAKING NEWS: Marisule homicide suspect appears in court

16121394_302858243444195_1844645294_o 16121569_302858210110865_212504539_oA man who was detained in connection with the homicide of 76-year-old Ann Rose Raymond appeared in a Gros Islet court this morning.

Peter Thomas, 43, of Union, Castries, was charged for theft under Section 188 of the criminal code.

He was remanded until his next court appearance on Feb. 8.

Thomas was picked up by police on Friday at his residence and charged yesterday afternoon, police sources say.

According to police sources, enough evidence was gathered to prove that Thomas was in possession of Raymond’s car on the day her body was discovered.

He reportedly drove Raymond’s vehicle to a gas station to fix a punctured tire. He ended up abandoning the vehicle on the Castries Waterfront, near the government buildings.

Raymond’s body was discovered by police at her Marisule, Gros Islet residence on the afternoon of Saturday, Dec. 10, 2016 after they responded to a suspected burglary report from her family.

Reports are that family members became suspicious after phone calls went unanswered and her gate was discovered locked.

Police said she died as a result of “asphyxia secondary to ligature strangulation”.

Raymond, who lived alone, was also sexually assaulted.

Investigators are awaiting forensic evidence that they hope will tie him directly to the killing and land him with a murder charge.



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  1. Why aren't accused individuals in police custody in handcuffs? If more than one prisoner is being transported they should all be handcuffed and chained at their feet to help avoid escape. In many pictures I see the officers 1 feet or 2 behind the accused, is that the standard procedure?


  2. That piece of garbage will sit on remand for another seven or eight years eating, drinking and housing on our tax payers dollars because of our sick justice system. Hope you rot in hell. Young and able bodies yet they refuse to work they want everything free,deprive the senior citizen from enjoying her beautiful home ,her car she work so hard for. I hope you nerve see the streets again to hurt someone else.BOOWO.


  3. Why don't you guys have a photo of the accused, this is news come on? I mean...I don't get it that's standard procedure.


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