Relative: Mounting “stress” from job loss, family issues may have pushed Anthony over the edge

Relative: Mounting “stress” from job loss, family issues may have pushed Anthony over the edge


redmanBabonneau Police are investigating the death of a young man in Chassin, Babonneau.

The body of 26-year-old Kesam Manalick Anthony, aka Redman, of Barre Denis, Castries, was discovered by a relative hanging by a rope which was tied to a mango tree on Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2015 at about 6:15 a.m., police said.

Police are treating the case as a suspected suicide until the post mortem, which has been scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2015.

Anthony is originally from Richfond, Dennery but was living with his girlfriend in Chassin.

A relative, speaking on condition of anonymity, told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that mounting “stress” may have led to Anthony’s death.

In addition to losing his job recently, Anthony had an argument with his girlfriend the night before his death.

“The family issues and the job loss didn’t go down well but he didn’t look like the type to give up,” the relative said.


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  1. how could u be gone kersam its hard to believe but still you have been visiting me in dream why you did that signnnnn i dig Horus when u died up to now it is we were very close i still remembering u memories everytime i think of u an cry my sweet baby


  2. On the tight rope of despair, man or faith cannot reach you! This is all the more for people to develop resilience for that tight rope walk experience. To be resilient you must develop self-compassion and recognize that you are much more than your job, personal possessions and money in the bank or in your pockets, the relationships that are broken, even your failing health, and the betrayal of trust or the infringement of other people’s rights. Even the worst situation viewed as a calamity without hope can be lived through if you apply self-compassion – forgive yourself even if others will not forgive you!


  3. Who give a hoot where he came from? The problem with us St.Lucians we are woth the person whe he/she can buy us drinks, and the day they cant then we jump ship. We as nation should help one another, but greed the love of money and material things have changed who we are as a nation. We were once a happy loving people, where did we go wrong? Oh i know if mr.x have a 4 bedroom house mr. K build a 8 bedroom house, you see envey jealously and not caring for each other thats why we are in such a mess. No morales, we see something we want it we just get, what happened to you scratch my back i scratch yours. My peoples when the great God retune back to judge this world nooney, cars, house, clothes, jewelry cant save us. So people love one and other, respect, give a helping hand when u can, show that care, share some of your Sunday lunch with you neighbors. Peace and love St.Lucia Merry Christmas to all.


  4. Some of the comments under this post are the exact reason why the world is in a mess...the exact reason why St.Lucia is in shambles...the exact reason why this young man is the latest statistic (God bless his heart). How have we as a people become so selfish, so heartless, so cold, so RIDICULOUS? A young man has died and we have quickly turned the comments into arguments about a bunch of disgusting politicians who do not care about neither you nor me? God bless St.Lucia...


  5. Such a handsome young man. I wish we would be more kind to one another. Sometimes I see us making life so difficult for each other. Then these things happen and I'm forced to question myself, who in my life is hurting right now? So many people are in pain. Emotional pain is the worst because there is often no escape. But to anybody out there who is hurting right now...who feels like life is just one big wave of disappointment after the next... Please remember that you are loved. You are treasured.


  6. smfh again......the family knew he was stressed but did nothing but wait to bury him.....poor soul...we seek refuge in the wrong god n take refuge in him...thats to the persons still alive!!!!


    • Dnt say what you do not know. Some members of the family caused his stress not all. It takes one or two to drive you to your limit.


  7. always after death we want to assist...dont help ur neighbour until he or she is dead!!!! But post the mizzy rips smfh....sad people in a sad nation run buy sad volares!!!! strength to his loved ones!!!


  8. I'm so sorry to hear this yet completely understand. I wish he could have done otherwise. Hate to see such a good thing go.R.I.P. AND FOR ONCE PLEASE STOP FIGHTING ON THIS THREAD. A DAMN PERSON DIED. SHOW SYMPATHY.


  9. I remember our school days a t Micoud secondary school and u were that jovial kind of guy no one knows what will come their way we just handle our situation differently sometimes we are to busy to call someone and ask how are u doing or have u eaten those lil things matter alot sometimes only when tht person die we know how much we loved them
    RIP my mob till we meet again


  10. Kersam is from Richfond Dennery, not Babonneau. His mother's side of the family is from Babonneau but he only went there to visit.


  11. It is so sad but 'Backbencher' is on to something, I think the youth have no direction. Before people piggy back on this and start talking politics, it doesn't take a politician or a political party to instill positive morals and values in our lives. I believe in God and believe that He is the Supreme Healer, but that aside, St. Lucians have become too superficial and we have increasingly placed too much more of a high value on material pursuits that emotional and spiritual development of the person. Until we realize that this is at the heart of the matter, people will continue to lose hope and feel despair at a much greater rate and the suicides will continue. Parents, take greater responsibility in WHAT you teach your children. What you do speaks much more loudly than what you say. Self-respect, strength of character, problem solving skills... we need a revolution.


  12. From denis but originally from Dennery ? Huh ? Smh...I'm from Barre denis this young man is not from Barre denis he had a girlfriend there...get your facts right editor


  13. It breaks my heart hearing this were always this jolly free spirit...I've known and loved yu my whole life ... Yu will be surely missed ... Forever my #1 I love yu mr Anthony rest in perfect peace


  14. Rip. If only we could come together and be supportive of each other not just in the good times but also the down times. Sometimes people are going through deep pains and depression and if they had just one really good positive friend around to talk to,pray for and with you, and even help to guide you back to a peaceful mind, it would make a really big difference. My condolences to his family!


  15. 🙁 🙁 may soul rest in peace.. heartbroken kersum never in a million years would I think I would be seeing this. It seems like yesterday Wen we first met .. will be missed.. wooow God forgive him