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Jamaica: Cops urge public to delete explicit video recording involving child

By St. Lucia News Online

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A man who was seen stoning a male senior citizen in a viral video in Saint Lucia last month has arrested and charged, police said.

The suspect, identified as Roddy James, was charged with wounding and damage to property. police said

The news comes as a surprise because the victim had initially declined to press charges against James as soon as the story, which St. Lucia News Online broke, came to light.

However, police said the victim changed his mind and James was arrested on Monday and is scheduled to appear in court this week.

The amateur video, which is one minute and 46 seconds long, has been shared thousands of time on Facebook and Whatsapp.

It shows a shirtless young man arming himself with a large rock then breaking it into smaller pieces. He proceeds to stone another man, whom persons claim in social media posts to be a senior citizen.

The victim collapses on the road after being hit in the back of the head. He lays motionless and bleeding. Seconds later someone tries to pull him up in a bid to revive him.

The man regains consciousness for a short while before laying back down on the road.

During the ordeal, a man wearing a blue shirt and a cap appears to try and make peace.

Persons on social media were calling on the authorities to arrest the person recording the video along with the perpetrator.


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  1. Lucilla, the guy doing the recording should be arrested asking the perpatrator to leave the scene on more than one occasion when he saw the wound. charge him I say..that's how criminals get away

  2. This is disgusting and shameful. As a St.lucian living abroad it makes me sick at heart and in the stomach to realize that such barbaric things could be tolerated. This is aptempted murder.
    Shame on the bystanders who saw this happen and did nothing. They should be even more prosicuted than the main offender

  3. Sometimes recording video is really bad but if it could be saved for only police viewing to act accordingly in solving crime and for facts would be great but it's a pity that it goes viral

  4. The DPP and the entire Police Force from the Commissioner right down are a whole bunch of weak and incompetent idiots. They know jack about the law, they do not give a dam too lazy to do paper work but not too lazy to collect on pay day. Everything is at a stand still when it comes to the Justice system murder, rape,robbery,child molestation you name it enough is enough just watch the monster will be out on $1000.00 dollar bail if not less. St.Lucia Irie.

  5. Police need to also .charge the guy who took the video and give him maximum sentence..Authority need to.make an example out of them

    • In watching this video we clearly see the evil acts of humankind authorities then know how to proceed I don't think the guy doing the video should be arrested maybe if he had tried to stop the perpetrator while recording he'd look better

      • Lucilla, the guy doing the recording should be arrested asking the perpatrator to leave the scene on more than one occasion when he saw the wound. charge him I say..that's how criminals get away

  6. "The suspect, identified as Roddy James, was charged with wounding and damage to property".
    Where the damage to property comes from? this is why so many criminals get bail when they go in front of the courts/magistrate, because of serious lapses the police make in their charges. The video clearly shows a defenseless man being stoned by a youth burst his head and collapse to the ground, now any medical experts will justify the collapse of the victim on the road is trauma to the brain and possible crack skull. This is cold blooded attempted manslaughter or attempted pre-meditated murder, as the stone man did not try to hit the man no where else but his head. Come on cops revised those charges. DPP time to step in here!

    • i totally agree with you most of these police dont know how to do their job efficiently to keep criminals off the street. Imagine someone was walking to their home and witnessed a burglary just being committed.

      she saw the individuals face and saw the car and also the number plate. It turned out when they investigate the car was a rental and they got to know who rented the car. You know instead the idiot police try to track down who owns this rental and inform them that the car was used in a burglary and try to dust for prints to match maybe what was on the stolen goods cause some of the goods were found packed before the thieves could take it the police are now telling the person oh she has to do an identity parade. an the guys are still out living large. these guys just came from prison

    • clearly he damaged something of man's that's why he's saying in patios 'they told me you did it' so that's probably y he is charged with damage to property.

  7. The guy or persons present who did not make a report and recording is just as guilty! He needs to be held accountable too!!


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