‘Dr. Evil’ charged with attempted murder after gun battle with cops

‘Dr. Evil’ charged with attempted murder after gun battle with cops
Mervin 'Dr. Evil' Effrage was denied bail.
Mervin ‘Dr. Evil’ Effrage was denied bail.

A man was charged today with the attempted capital murder of two police officers.

Mervin Effrage, also known as Dr. Evil, 32, of Leslie Land, Castries was also charged with possession of a firearm and ammunition.

He was remanded to prison.

Effrage allegedly engaged two lawmen in gun battle last week and was shot in the leg.

The incident occurred on Upper Chaussee Road, Castries (near Grass Street/Marchand Road) just before 12 noon Wednesday, July 8.

Police said a 9mm pistol with eight rounds of ammunition was recovered at the scene.


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  1. So if he can shoot at police wat else he eh go do he that kill Cheryl and victor St lucia police need to open dey eye that's that killer


  2. It is not because he raise without parents he should choose the negative path. He could've chosen the positive,but he chose not.so no excuse.


    • yea - u make it sound so easy yea - BUT WHEN U BEEN HUNGRY FOR DAYS AND A "BOSS-MAN"PUTS A GUN AND MONEY IN YOUR HAND TO DO A JOB.... .......how easy is it then to choose the RIGHT???!!!!!!


    Do you notice that all the ones "biggin up" this guy and supporting him are the ones that cannot spell??
    Just like isis are able to recruit the poor and ignorant farmers in Pakistan and else where for their evil deeds......lack of education and young seems to be a common denominator.


  4. People happy for d ALLEGED killa..dey rejocing n sayin he not bad bcuz he hiding his face..y'all jus a bunch of badmind..talk sh8 abt sumbody else, not Evil...Big up yourself still my dawg..f*€k da opps!!!


  5. When they kill innocents URL complaining. When the bad ones go down URL want to look for excuses. Wtf ita either u are for good or bad. If I had one wish, to turn invisible to kill him in his cell. He's a baby, a coward. To feel u so bad man to shoot at police and u not a big man to face the consequences ? Me if I had money I was paying some prison guard to poison ur food for u. Forgive me God. If u can do that to police, what can u do to us innocent ppl.


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    • why must it be the principal and teachers raising your boys, where are their fathers and the mothers, since when it is somebody's else role to raise your child!! if you cant raise your own child don't have any!!


    • women have NOT stepped up and out ENOUGH,
      they need to find their value and pass it on to their children = men.....


  7. "Dem police self cyan shoot. A p… engaged yall with a firearm n my tax have to pay fuel n take him to court n to feed him. They should have shot him up in a way that rambally would have to use a spade to pick up his remains."

    When you have comments such as the one above, one has to wonder who is more evil? The post above or Dr. Evil?

    Some call for Mary Francis to demean the lady's name. Exactly what transpired is thats what she is advocating for. She never said that police can't shoot someone but they never have that power to execute them.

    The rest of you go educate yourself so you can take part in this information society. Most of you have smart phones, all you use for is whatsapp and facebook, malpalay, gossip and false information. Ask you all what is the capital of Cuba? You don't know how to use that same phone to find it. Not too smart, using a smartphone?


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