BREAKING NEWS: Man sustains third-degree burns in house fire

BREAKING NEWS: Man sustains third-degree burns in house fire


A man suffered third-degree burns during a house fire at Austin Hill, Derniere Riviere; Dennery on Friday, December 17, fire officials have confirmed.

Thomas Lawrence, 32, was in a bedroom when a fire erupted, burning him and destroying the clothing compartment, including several pieces of equipment.

It is alleged that Lawrence who is the ex-boyfriend of the owner of the house, knowingly set the house ablaze and also threatened to commit suicide.

Lawrence who was taken to the Dennery Hospital is now being transferred to the Victoria Hospital.

Fire officials confirmed receiving an emergency call at around 10:04 a.m.

When they turned up at the scene, part of the bedroom was already on fire. However, they managed to confine it to one area and were soon after able extinguish the fire.

The house was described as a wall house on pillars, which contains three bedrooms.

It is currently being occupied by Lawrence, a female and a child, who is somewhere between 3-4 years-old.

The origin of the fire is unknown at this time. Investigations are ongoing.


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