BREAKING NEWS: St. Lucia records homicide #21

BREAKING NEWS: St. Lucia records homicide #21
The victim

A young man was killed in Roseau, Anse La Raye on Saturday, Sept. 19 after receiving multiple stab and chop wounds.

The incident occurred shortly after 5:30 p.m.

Residents said the deceased, known as Keran, who is in his 30s, is originally from La Croix Maingot but lived in Roseau. The suspect is reportedly a young man from Millet.

Photos obtained by St. Lucia News Online show wounds to the victim’s feet and upper torso, including a deep wound to his chest area.

Reports are that Keran was killed during an altercation with another man whom he had a previous dispute/altercation with.

Keran, a father, was a past student of Vide Boutielle High Secondary School.

This is the 21st homicide for 2015.

The victim
The victim



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  1. The victim was in his 30's. Why is his past secondary school relevant to this story? He was a former student of the Vide Boutielle Secondary, so what. When it is a former Convent or College student no one reports this. This instills a bias in the minds of readers that only some schools breed criminals when this is not true. We as a society are doing a damn good job of that.


  2. I don't need to leave a long statement and will not bash anyone on here though many of you need to evaluate your mental capacity. As the story goes the suspect a grown man was continuously bullied. The victim had a None of this matters because the facts of the incident are not known. Allegations are being tossed all over. Hopefully the true story about this situation will come out and justice served regardless of which side you believe. that being said, we have to rely on the justice system. HOPEFULLY THEY ARE COMPITENTENT ENOUGH TO INVESTIGATE UNBIASLY. We are all passionate about our country, justice in not for one but for all.


  3. It is so sad and heartbreaking to read the cold hearted comments on here. The bible said it-In the last days men's heart shall be cold.


  4. This slavary been blame to those violent seens in our country. That dont make to sense. How about when idi amin slaughtered his own people? Go around the world see all those stabbing,chopping,shooting,among white people too. Not black an black killing each other across the world. People are mentally disturbed when they are attacking each other. War related and what they are viewing on television music etc. There are a number of reasons if u dont jump on slavary as yet. How can slavary responsible when u are not paying their debts? Come tomorrow that never finish.


  5. How many of us look within for the real root of our problems? How many of us parents point the finger at ourselves for making poor decisions with regards to the discipline of our children? We blame other people and circumstances because it is the most convenient thing to do. Could it be that WE are are the source of our society's ailments? You can continue pointing the proverbial finger however when you do, three of them point back in your direction. Oh one more thing... I am not political. ... i believe politics is designed to divide the unsuspecting masses to prefer a person over an ideology. If we live our lives by the golden rule "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" we would have a better understanding of our roles in life. Many before me have tried and many have failed. He who have ears let him hear. All critics know that this is the truth. Love one another.

    Love and blessings my people.


  6. From my early upbringing in St. Lucia, I have always seen violence on the street; I have always thought of the island to be very violent. I've witness stabbings and fist fights usually by half drunk men fighting over women or other silly incidents they considered insults. The roots of this could be our slave history but in recent times the root of this are drugs and alcohol, a lack of jobs for young people and a break down in the family structure. Chuches did try to teach folks how to live with each other, however thier influence has been reduced. St. Lucia also has a weak public school system where values such as conflict resolution without violence are not emphasize, and some cases violence is proprogated.


    • MercierG. You are right. It has nothing to do with the colour of your skin.I am white, lived in Nigeria, Spain, 12 years in Saint Lucia and now in Panama. Education is the basic issue. Law and order. Here in Panama we have also crime, in-spite of a low unemployment rate of 4%. Easy money with drugs or robberies. In Panama the population is multicultural and very mixed.


    • I am so happy to see a reduction in the useless nonproducing population set. RIP. Return if possible. I will sleep better.


  7. What did Keran do for somebody to take his life so brutally . RIP. that person's turn is is soon "Vengeance is mine saith the Lord I will repay"


      • my brother stabbed a man there is no disputing that . He did it to defend himself. This guys have been bullying my brother for a while. One time they robbed him of his 300 dollars after he came from his hustle by the market. That day in question Saturday 20th September he came from town as he usual does went to visit his girlfriend in la Croix Kieran ask him for money he said he doesn't have they beat him up. HE left laCroix and went to his place of residence in Roseau Kieran don't know if I spell his name correcting followed him to Roseau attack him again and the dispute escalated and resulted in his death . Now when his friends and family are going to ask what did he do to deserve his death I will say to them you are vicious and hypocrites . You people know damn well he robbed people he recently came out of jail for robbing. Today I heard someone say my brother should kill him five times ,I agree with that statement absolutely not need one should be killed to violence. do I think Kieran should be held accountable for his own death absolutely! If you are going to bully 48 year old man,slap him around like he is your child follow him to his place of residence and attack him you reap what you sow brother. I think they saw an advantage on my brother but like the old people say Calabash goes to the river one day it will not come back . All these young men out there playing bad boy it's not worth it. Violence is not the answer. I do feel sorry for his family regardless of his activities I'm sure he was loved but my brother is the victim here he was only defending himself. I want the media to come back to Roseau. cause the people are pissed off making my brother look like the bad one . my brother is innocent and I want people to know the truth.


  8. To those in charge maybe you'll are not realizing but the murders are becoming more gruesome , for now the people turning on themselves , pretty soon all this anger and aggression maybe coming in you'll direction . Do something and do it quick , if not remove yourselves ............. Message sent......


  9. I don't even feel sorry for these people anymore based on the comments it's Bcus of something he did. .. u reap what u sow