UPDATE: Homicide victim from Babonneau identified

UPDATE: Homicide victim from Babonneau identified

Saint Lucia’s homicide rate continues to spiral out of control.

The latest victim is 32-year-old Charles Justin Plateau, Babonneau who sustained fatal stab wounds on Jeremie Street, Castries Tuesday evening, shortly before 8:00, according to law enforcement sources.

Justin, also known as Stanley, reportedly sustained two stab wounds, one to the neck and the other to the chest, sources said.

He was reportedly transported by ambulance to Victoria Hospital where he was pronounced dead, sources said.

Details surrounding the stabbing are not yet clear.

This death is the 31st homicide recorded on the island so far this year.

According to reports, 31 homicides were committed in 2016.


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  1. We all like to blame someone or some political institution/ government for our crime situation. The truth of the matter crime or criminal tendencies / behavior are part of our culture. In government there is criminal activities going on and nothing changes, in our religious demominations from the pastors to the congregation, in our schools from principals to students, in our commercial sector from directors to the line staff there is criminal activity in our police force...........:) So what do we expect . It will never change. Monkey see monkey do


  2. I think most St. Lucians have a poor record for receiving and assessing/analyzing information. The few who know better sometimes manipulate information to suit their own political agenda. Everybody knows that information has context and words can only be interpreted from the context of the conversation.

    I agree that Chastanet promised to reduce crime during his campaign and so did all the previous governments, insofar as none can come and accuse the other of "political fraud" because they all had previously failed on that promise. However I don't know how the crime rate could be equal to the homicide rate, since the police statistics show that crime in most sectors have been reduced. If we speak about the homicide rate then lets have a candid discussion on what Chastanet promised.

    Chastanet while promising to reduce crime he specifically spoke about the path that he was going to take, among them being: The return of funding for the police; the staffing, funding and assistance to DPP, the re-organization, re-staffing and refurbishment of Justice System and quick trial time among others. All these priorities need a budget and close cooperation with wealthier friendly nations. Now all these things together would most probably redound to the reduction of crime, but we have to do it first and allow it to work.

    Now seriously, does anyone expect that to be completed after a year in office and operating with a budget that was not passed by you or with that objective in mind? That would be ridiculous, wouldn't it? Considering that all allocations had previously been made.

    To just boldly make a statement that the PM has failed to deliver a campaign promise to reduce crime would be totally nonsensical. To his credit he still has 4 years left in his administration and to label him as a failure would be outright foolish, immature or even childish for that matter.

    My advice would be to allow the PM to implement his measures and then judge whether it had the desired result on the crime rate and/or homicide rate. Ofcourse everybody is affected by crime and Dr. Anthony was vehemently criticized, and rightly so, not because he was unable to reduce crime but his measures or lack thereof were unsuccessful. We need to put this into a contextual reality, Dr. Anthony while he did construct a new prison which was a start, he did not continue fixing the problems that were most glaring to the society, in terms of policing, justice system etc. Instead he made a mockery of it by putting a further and continuing pressure on the police which is its most important element. Dr. Anthony after being in the job for almost 15 years was resoundingly reject at the polls for such policy decisions.

    Now compare this with a PM who has been in the job for just over a year now. We need to discuss issues on that level and enough with whether a PM can stop crime, or whether he said that or not. I think to do such analysis would be detrimental to our progress. And worst of all it is those who are educated and should know better who seem to spread this message of discord to divide unsuspecting people. We must also be careful that politicians don't trick us into being unpatriotic to our country while they are not in power, because power is all what they understand.


  3. Just bring back hanging or the electric chair. Prisoners who have served their time needs to visit schools and talk about their experiences also try and discourage the young people into crime with the company of an officer. We cannot carry on this way.


  4. Crime never stops cause people have no control over their behaviours and they only look to retaliate...we can't blame others for things we tend to take part in...anyways R.I.P Charles very sad to hear this, this morning


  5. People probably feel like killing here because the Law does not HANG them; they also rape, burgle & rob because they are not made an example of by HARD TIME in prison.


  6. Young men please stay away from bad gangs bad company bad influence people you already know the bad area's you just don't go there you put nothing there,I was just too and I never went to Wilton's yard grass street ,etc cause there is nothing good happening there,absolutely nothing ,they won't teach you to sew ,nor cook noe mason ,mechanics ,so what the hell are you going to do there,eh you leave by it you died by it ,young men please go to church go to deliverance ,


  7. No matter what government thats in power there will always be crimes Donald Trump can't stop it no is our young men don't care with each other thats all now a days they don't believe in ketae by bondier, and these men keep on finding them selves in bad gangs bad company,


  8. I am so dam sick of political hacks on every platform trying to full people's head with bull. Some of us know the criminals and all their running but refuse to give the police info instead we conveniently blame government. We see crimes happening and instead of using our phone to call the police, we use it to record the events and share it on social media. All you ignorant idiots who asking for Castries Central rep, with all the crime that continue to happen in Castries east what is pip doing to stop them?


  9. To all readers and those of you who have submitted your "opinions" everyone's at each others throats here..why?? Or at Prime Minister Chastanet's throat or former Prime Minister Dr. Anthony...smh..it starts with us...as a people..coming together...protesting...putting up our guard...our placards and saying enough is enough...get yall a-- out in the darn streets and bring this sh-- to an end...let yall voices be heard as "One"!!! Smdh at st lucians.


  10. Rest in peace Stanley ...I dont no wat went on buh i dont think u deserved to b killed ...let da dog who kill u pay for it


    • Thts for dean you --hole,he buried dean alive alive y'all eh talking about tht one but ah stab he get he didn't deserve to die so..he should suffer the same way dean suffer


    • St.Lucia should have a referendum to vote to bring back the death penalty.
      I don't think to bring it back will eliminate fully the crime, but it will reduce it, when criminals know there is an end.


  11. So sad to see so many young men dieing. Dildos and vibrators will soon be legal, lesbian is on the rise, Wife and Jabal will be in some serious competition


  12. One thing I've learned. You just can't please your'll -- Lucian niggas. If law enforcement decides to do their thing your'll same mother --- will come out and beat your'll dirty a-- Bunch of illiterate jack000...


    • I wonder if is uwp supporters that killing ppl or causing the 31 murders. Some ppl are so closed minded and illiterate. Once a murder happen is Prime minister fault


      • Ikr @ frustrated with stupid ppl..why do st lucians think so negative!! Crime is all over the world it eh chadtanet fault it wasnt Kenny's either..ppl are just wicked evil mfs csse close!!


  13. Put slp back. Kenny always addressed lucians on crimes. Uwp won't win next time. They only care about themselves. Now those who voted for change. Here's a change. Increase in crimes. Is that what we want. Nope. Next elections we all stick together n put slp back.


  14. What the stabbing has to do with the PM, and to go that far and call him salop where is the respect. Apprently he is the one sending people to kill one another. Governments will come and governments will go, you can have all the matches against crime specifically killing, that will never stop, so it's useless you allow your pressure to boom . Those who live by the gun, drugs, knife and evil will die in their favored gun, knife, drugs. So it is written and so it will happen


    • True .but one of their campaign promises was to reduce on crime .there's more now. Don't make promises you can't keep.not because majority of my people stupid and believed it. Nobody can stop crime. Hearts and minds are more evil than good.