UPDATE: Brazen daylight murder in Castries shocks public

UPDATE: Brazen daylight murder in Castries shocks public

(SNO) — Police are investigating the fatal shooting of a male on Broglie Street, Castries that occurred around midday Thursday (April 18).

The deceased is Chad Ramsey, 33, of Rockhall, Marchand in Castries.

He was shot while walking on the sidewalk, according to reports.

He died on the scene after he was shot in the head.

A video of the aftermath of the shooting has been circulating on social media.

Members of the public have expressed surprise on Facebook at the time of the day and the location in the city that the crime was committed.

“Broad day light. They’ll behave themselves,” one person commented.

“My goodness….bug broad day light like this and in the middle of town…smh. So sad,” another said.

Others have commented that Saint Lucia appears to becoming like crime-plagued cities such as Chicago and New York in the U.S.A.

One person noted sarcastically that the Castries mayor had said the city is “safer than ever”.

This is the second homicide in two days.

On Wednesday, around 2:30 a.m., a woman stabbed a man to death during an alleged altercation at a karaoke event in Anse Ger, Micoud. The woman was arrested.

The deceased has been identified as Lance Camille of Anse Ger.

“Where were the city police. Having lunch; or watching to see who peeing in the town?” someone wrote.



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  1. To entice tourists millions are spent in advertisement and the very sidewalk is the scene of casual murders! The killers do not factor in the goldfish bowl existence of a small island nation states nor do they think about the catastrophic impact their behaviour can have on the economy. So why is the community giving sanctuary to killers to continue their killing spree? They are wrecking your world and your children’s future! Do the right thing, flush them out!


  2. yes uh head top e they take out his eye smdh with all this crime broad day light in the middle of town so


    • Distraction of this kind (the use of personal idiolect) in a discussion reduces serious subjects to triviality. In order to understand this personalized language, individuals often digress from the subject and become personal. The end result is a cuss-up to see who can out-curse each other forgetting that someone had been assassinated and his death warrants sensitivity.


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