UPDATE: ‘Coco’ in critical condition following shooting in Babonneau

UPDATE: ‘Coco’ in critical condition following shooting in Babonneau

A man is currently in critical condition following a shooting in Cacao, Babonneau this evening, law enforcement sources and residents have confirmed.

According to sources, the victim, known as ‘Coco’, was reportedly shot while driving. As a result he crashed into a wall.

He was picked up by ambulance in critical condition.

Emergency services received the report at 8:45 p.m.

More details soon.


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  1. wow ! This is a finally dead ! Because he got away with so many rapes and so many murders . He use to be my neighbour and I feared him !


  2. The guy the kill Coco had already try to kill him by bursting shots behind him.saint luciafull of jellious and people that eh want to work hard just want to rob especially the young ones I feel block need to burn down police need to step up they have alot going on and the government ain't doing shit save a life a hard working man people have to buy guns to protect they self family homes I feel it need to start or just blow half of Castries up I feel if I was a cop alot of vay negs dead cause jail ain't doing shit make and example of couple youth where the government half to say the police this need to stop


  3. I'm going to be ok guys. Can somebody plz crowd fund me for a new car. hopefully a lexis.


  4. People should learn to control their temper.Castries environment seems to be dangerous. What did Coco do the shooter to get shot?Perhaps he nearly bang him deliberately.!There r reckless drivers on the road too ehn.No matter what happens they don't take heed.This morning I saw a fast vehicle horning 2 bicyclists to run off their side onto the verge.I am sorry for what happened


  5. Have y'all asked y'all self have much he kill waiting for his family to come talk shit


    • Truth that is a very stupid move you just made do not put ur trust in social media even if ur true identity is proclaimed to be hidden these guys could track u down by using ur IP address and kill u and ur family be careful about these post


  6. People prayer is needed , I don't doubt that , but ain't going solve everything ...........


    • That must be some SLP hack or maybe kenny himself behind this ridiculous remark,SMFH...spewing trouble..those suckers really rejoice at the country,s turmoil for politic sake.i wouldnt believe one is that stupid to implicate one,s ownself as an accessory/conspirator.


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