BREAKING NEWS: Man shot, injured on Chaussee Road

BREAKING NEWS: Man shot, injured on Chaussee Road

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Shots rang out on Chaussee Road, Castries at about 11:30.a.m., when gun men made their way through the intersection of Micoud Street and Leslie Land Road,‎ opposite Ti-Kaye Salaison and Maman Zanfant.

One man sustained a gun shot wound on his rear end and was rushed to hospital for treatment.

Whispering bystanders claim the shooting is the result of a chopping of the alleged shooter days before.

Police turned up at the scene minutes later and recovered 9 spent shells on the road.

Investigations are ongoing.

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  1. What they don't mention in this article are the innocent people that were driving on the Chausee that morning--minding their own business--whose vehicle got hit by a stray bullet. There were children on board... Thank God that no one in the vehicle got hit as the bullet just went through and through.
    Those guys just go on a rampage without any regard for human life, no matter who gets hurt in the process. Lord help us!


  2. We all blame "The Government" past and present for shootings on streets..why?? When we the people are the ones to be blamed...we are the ones causing all this animosity amongst ourselves the arrogance the envy..the hatred and more..what examples are we setting for our children...don't blame the government...we are the ones on streets in the ghettos or our friendly neighbour next door hating our brother or sister...what for...we can't even give a valid reason shut the hell up and stop the crap about whining about the Government everytime a shooting happens!! Ridiculous.


  3. Wow, 9 shots, and only one in his ass, but call url self gun man/bad man url are lil idiots who need to behave url ass. Iraq wont want url, not even for free. Not that am saying the shots should have taken him, cause it would have been worse. But quit with url shit.


  4. Who cares? So what?
    Shootings, most recently this and earlier at Pigeon Island, have no business as reinforcing the problem of lawlessness in our island.
    What DOES matter, and we know that from the priorties of the Chastenet government, are more important things like paying the Trnis to help them out with a financially bleeding Caribbean Airlines to help make them “St. Lucia’s national carrier”.
    The rich get richer while the rest of us Looshans are left with an island that no one wants to visit and everyone wants to leave.
    Government has had a chance and done nothing.
    St. Lucia’s race to the bottom continues.
    Government inaction only helps inextricably reinforce that SLU is no longer “Helen of the Caribbean”, but rather, “Haiti of the Windies”
    A darn shame
    It has been written: "The only reward of those who make war will be that they will be killed or crucified, or have their hands and feet on alternate sides cut off, or will be expelled out of the land. Such will be their degradation in the world, and in the Hereafter theirs will be an awful doom."


    • Those drugs working on you real hard. Stay off the pipe man you're talking a load of hogwash.


    • I'm talking to the man in the mirror.I'm asking him to change his ways.if wana make the world a better place.take a look at your self and make that a change...wooow ..michael Jackson


    • What chance...June...July...august...September..October...
      5 months...the others had 5 year... in 2 terms...
      So you are really expecting thing to shape put in this little time..that's why yall relationships don't work..cause yall don't check it in times of tribulation and just walk away...
      Not everything is political...let's be smart in our talks...


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