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BREAKING NEWS: Man shot in Black Mallet

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imagesPolice have been called to the scene of a shooting in Black Mallet, Marchand, Castries this evening between 7pm and 8pm.

Reports are that a male was shot in the leg.

He however managed to escape his attackers.

No further details available

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  1. We need to be careful what we ask for....sometimes we need to learn things the HARD way! We like to give people chances.....let us see what they will do! Face reality they are doing nothing or just maybe they can do NOTHING ! But we giving them a chance why we crying again???? But we giving them a chance!

  2. this is just really gotten out of hand!! what is going on in this just so fearful now don't even want to go to the supermarket which is 5 minutes away from me i dont want to sit on a bus for fear some insane person or person goes insane attacking people i dont want to stand in line not even at the bank..i feared going for my morning walk this morning and had to strap myself with two big knives...smh this is absolutely CRAZYYYYYY!! Im better off in NY!! Our island Helen has gone to the dirt its now for the devil...!! smh

    • You are better off in New York? Like seriously..Every 5 mins sirens can be heard. It is worst than St. Lucia. Think before you speak.

    • I agree with you Anonymous! I am not going to compare a big country like America to St>Lucia, but for a small country, like St.Lucia makes 1 shooting per month, is one too many. Something must be done about all that shooting before St. Lucia end up like a graveyard.

  3. Tell Mary Francis to shut up and let the police do their job

  4. 2017 has just began and this is all I have been hearing. So what's the plan? Anyone??

  5. Curfew. Smh 1,000,000,000 times so much was done during that's administration no once poke about curfew. We making it feel like that the worse we ever had. Roll back the years. Go bzck in history. If the people that is paid for to do their jobs do what they have to all of us including visitors to our shores will walk our streets with no problem at all. I notice in Tuesday we hadv4 cruise ship s in port, I hardly saw a police officer, I made it my duty to check, I am subject to correction on gat one, maybe they were in plain clothes. We need men, serious men on our streets, not little boys, not retires where the crooks will out run the law enforcers in a sprint.

  6. Smh real retard

  7. With all what's going on , not even a curfew is set up to indicate the presence of authority. Immediate action is needed to ease fears and concerns .

  8. knock it knock it knock it lol


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