BREAKING NEWS: Man shot and killed in Vieux Fort

BREAKING NEWS: Man shot and killed in Vieux Fort
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DEAD: Amos McFarlane

Police have arrested a young male for questioning in relation to a fatal shooting in Vieux Fort on Sunday evening.

The victim in that shooting has been identified as Amos McFarlane, who is believed to be in his mid 20’s.

It is unclear what led to the shooting, as details are still sketchy.

However, McFarlane was reportedly shot about two blocks from the Vieux Fort Roman Catholic Church.

Emergency service officials said they received a call from the police around 11 p.m. Sunday, but when they arrived on the scene, the victim was already dead and the police had started their investigation.

McFarlane was shot multiple times and residents recalled hearing several gun shots before his body was discovered.

St. Lucia News Online (SNO) understands that the victim was one of several persons who were initially arrested in the 2014 robbery of a retired British couple on a yacht, in which a 62-year-old male tourist was brutally killed.

A police source said he was taken in for questioning but later released.

We will provide you with more detail as soon as it becomes available.


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  1. Perhaps it's revenge by a paid hitman. Just speculating...not sure. It just all rather mysterious. Watch your backs the others who were involved. Keep your doors closed!!


  2. another one again...captain the ship is sinking.....oppss son..u leave by the gun u die by it bro


  3. It is amazing with how much ease we can associate persons to crime after they become a victim or are accused. However, conveniently we remain silent when it is those that we highly favor, whether politically or otherwise. We can say boldly that the young man was one previously arrested for murder yet we are afraid to say that certain people we arrested and even charged with rape. Hypocrites, that's why we will suffer and will make reparations unto the Lord.


  4. Let them kill each-other, while the women prosper.
    I just don't care what they do any more.
    I am now tired of this!


  5. You reap what you sow . So MANY things that this guy did, payback is a BITCH.


  6. by the gun, u die by the gun.....what goes around comes around twice harder.....


  7. If he ws part of the robbery y isn't he in jail with the rest of the guys who was in it come on people


    • JJ you really showing yourself up with your silly comment....learn to read, re-read and read again.

      "...who were initially arrested...." "A police source said he was taken in for questioning but later released."

      Not because he was taken in for questioning means he was guilty or found guilty.....kouyor


  8. You'll see a picture and because he is wearing red assume he is K. No red was my brother favourite color.
    Don't bring politics into this. Yall people so quick to judge have u ever consider looking at your life before you judge someone
    RIP big bro. See you soon


  9. I remembered some years ago u and your gang allegedly robbed my bf and friends by wasco in vieux fort but i won't rejoice because i don't know what tomorrow might bring now theit's u amd the most high


  10. Karma is a bitch man, you got your just justice, you reap what you sow, talk about payback.


  11. First of all not because the person is dressed in red to be from Kenny consistency and if you'll ass es see ithe picture is not in st.Lucia you'll quick to judge let the most high bethe one to judge with what ever he has done in peace Amos ...U will always be remembered. ..


  12. And yes I blame the government for the height of crime, poor justice system = excuse for or license for criminals to operate. If you don't like it put it in your pipe and smoke it. See ou fachay marchay. Boot the wall.


    • They will never see or learn. Another one will just replace him. Most are too stupid to change.


    • @fill all holes : you posted this comment at 11 which is one hour before 12... L is the 12 letter of the alphabet and L is the first letter in L... also, you have 8 dislikes.. the dislike button is red... red is for labor.

      That my friend is the logic behind your nonsensical comment! Go home you are drunk!


    • What does he being in red have to do with Kenny or elections..all yall can talk about is elections smh