UPDATED: Man fatally shot during supermarket robbery in Castries

UPDATED: Man fatally shot during supermarket robbery in Castries

(SNO) — Police are investigating the fatal shooting of a male in Castries city Wednesday evening.

According to police, the deceased, 51, was shot during an alleged robbery at Ralph’s Supermarket in the area of Waterworks and Cedars Roads.

He died on the spot, in the supermarket, police sources said.

Emergency services told our newsroom they responded at 8:15 p.m. to the report.

Reports are that the deceased, believed to be the husband of the proprietor, was shot in the face, by one of two masked individuals.

No further details available.


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  1. Am telling you businesses owners it is time to invest heavily in your security. Am talking about Licensed fire arms, cameras and security pull down fences. You can’t be like sitting ducks waiting to get killed. All these young boys have guns you should too.

    Your security camera should be installed inside and outside the business so you can see from inside your store who is coming in. I see around Christmas time the thieves making a mess with you all. No more get armed and be prepared.

    And you women too need to start arming your selves. Some of you scared of your own shadow get your gun too. Get mace or arkimotion
    Stop being scared. Maybe it’s time operation restore confidence is done by citizens and not police.


    • Individuals must find the courage and resilience to stand up against violence but arming oneself with weapons cannot be a long term solution that will turns back the tide of wanton violence.


  2. Let's give "Chas" the boot. And let's get rid of our Parliamentary Representative the GREAT FAKE Sheself. We are ignored. We need better. Now. We have been abandoned in Castries Central. Enough of this.


  3. Damn... RIP my brother you can't even make a living without your life being in danger...smh


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  5. The neighbourhood is heart broken? these guys stole the cash register and still shot the man in his head! This man was such a cool guy to every single person, hearing his daughter cry last night was just heart wrenching. They robbed the wife first then he made sure he was always at the shop with her, recently they came to rob him and he told them go ahead take what you want the 2 thieves were so shocked they looked at each other and ran off instead, maybe thinking that's not normal for him to surrender things so easily and this time they saw it necessary to take the man life wah.And then run marchand
    Please pray his family rip Stan


  6. La ku doo hmm they saw ural hmm think I did not see ural from my window the wife should make yourself cum seat and beg for 3 hole days


    • It took while to understand , but we got it , please consider NSDC . I am not mocking you , please try too understand . I havesent many people to them and they were able to make significant improvements. ??


      • If it took you a while to understand this with such few errors then maybe ure the one who needs nsdc.


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