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UPDATE: Man shot and killed at Water Works – homicide #2

By SNO Staff

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(SNO) — Saint Lucia recorded its second homicide for 2019 following the shooting of a young man in the city on Monday evening (Jan. 14), according to law enforcement sources.

Dead is Hendy Calderon, who was 21 years old.

Calderon was shot on Monday at Water Works Road, Castries. Police and emergency officials were contacted about the shooting shortly after 9 p.m.

Calderon was transported by ambulance to Victoria Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

No additional details were immediately available.

Calderon’s death comes not too long after the body of 66-year-old British national and longtime Saint Lucia resident, Robert ‘Bob’ Hathaway, was discovered at his home in Piat, Grand Riviere, Gros Islet on Sunday after midday.

More details on both incidents later today.

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  1. Time Will Tell you could not have articulated this better. Bravo

  2. Where was this guy shot, Water Works or Paved?

  3. These things will not stop unless we become righteous citizens. We need to report these things, we need to report those carrying the guns, we need to SPEAK OUT.

    • Speak out!! Snitches get stitches

      • I hate ya'll pieces of shit called the youth of today who are effing up St.Lucia with ya'll stupid lifestyles and codes ya'll acquired from songs, music videos, movies and all the other shit ya'll see on t.v and hear on the radio. Man wake the hell up with your snitches get stitches B.S. You not seeing the state of your friends, your family members and all ya'll enemies who living by the fantasy world ya'll call GANG GANG LIFE? All of ya'll don't have a future meaning a serious one. All that's coming down ya'll path is death and devastation but the sorry thing is most of the times it doesn't stay for ya'll alone innocent people get caught in ya'll bullshit sometimes. All ya'll want is the Get Rich or Die Trying Life which has ya'll stealing people stuff, hustling coke along with spreading wickedness and sometimes even turning trick to get money to wear a kind of gold chains which are most likely stolen from someone. Ya'll claim to have women but it's more ghetto bitches who don't have a future likewise and raise ya'll children who turn out to be monsters just like ya'll so what are you telling me? Imagine these bitches wearing all kinds of short clothes to go and handle all forms of business including taking their children to school without any form of self respect. What a joke. Effers don't want to work to make money that's clean to take care of them and their family which is called honest living and earning but no everything must be illegally earned. Guess what that makes you a scum of the earth. And yeah he was bad but you have it wrong he wasn't someone's child he was someone's MONSTER causing havoc for everybody else. the only thing you can be thankful for is the other Monsters who were coming for him never thought about coming for the family too. And all those who don't like what I just say please check his face book profile and photos and tell me if he and his friend aren't what i'm talking about. A whole side of MONSTER just waiting to cause havoc. Left to me alone the country should get rid of ya'll by targeting your facebook pages cause ya'll ain't worth shit and won't amount to shit.


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