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BREAKING NEWS: Man shot and injured in Castries


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St. Lucia News Online has received reports of a shooting incident in Odlum City (near Sunbilt) in Castries.

Reports are that a man sustained gunshot wounds to the leg.

Police and ambulance are on the scene. The incident occurred at about 11:10 p.m.

No further details available.

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  1. So "Poor Jab" the person who got shot under whatever circumstances is a criminal and let him die in agony?

  2. Police and ambulance on the scene...wasting my tax money big time. Let the criminal die in agony. Seriously this shooting game is happening here too often. So why not a state of emergency for a while. I don't mind giving away my freedom for a while to allow the authority time to hunt and deal harshly with these misfits in the society.


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