BREAKING NEWS: Man shoots at another on busy Vieux-Fort street

BREAKING NEWS: Man shoots at another on busy Vieux-Fort street
The escape route of the victim.
The escape route of the victim.
The escape route of the victim.

A scene from a ‘Western movie’.

That’s how horrified onlookers described an incident in Vieux-Fort yesterday where a young man fired several gunshots at another who was running for his life.

And as he maneuvered his way among passersby to evade being fatally wounded, others had to make a dash for safety to avoid being injured.

The incident occurred about 9 a.m. next to the Vieux-Fort Square, on a busy morning.

People in the vicinity of the scene said they heard between eight and 10 gunshots fired.

According to persons who know both of the men, the incident arose from personal differences between the men which has been ongoing for some time now.

The assailant, who has had several brushes with the law, has been a victim of several violent incidents over the years.

Unconfirmed reports suggest the man was injured in his arm and leg, but according to the Vieux-Fort police, up to this morning (Friday) no official report has been made in connection with the incident.

“All I heard was bo, bo, bo, bo,… and saw a man running behind another with a gun in his hand….It’s only in movies I have seen that,” a witness to the incident told St. Lucia News Online.

Another said: “I was scared because the man was running in my direction.”


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  1. Discharging a firearm In a public place is a crime against the state u don't need a complainant to take action


  2. What does Chas hv to do with the man gun the person he was shooting at gt to speak up


  3. We need your resignation A S A P Mr. security minister.. You take Lucians for fools ,? With no security we are nothing, bunch of dumb government ministers, INCLUDING THE PRIME MINISTER,. DUMMIES.


    • When under the previous party Mr.La Corb. was in charge everyone was questioning if he is the right person for the job. see whats going on in this country and deceide for yourself 🙁 its worse!


    • The Security Minister " Hermangild" is so incompetent he couldn't find a Jew in Israel much less protect us. It's time for a change !!


  4. If no arrest is made in this incident, the entire Unit of th,e Vieut Fort Ploice Station should(1) been discipline, (2) fine(3) send on leave because they not working in the interest of public(5) transfer to some where else. That is absolute rubbish. Waiting for someone to make a report. Do people make report when is drugs. No. They act swiftly. Even on those smokining 1 stick of weed. They will stop and search. Why not do the same for illegal guns. The police in St. Lucia know all those involved in gun and drugs related crime. Come on let's make St.Lucia the place it once was. mr. police remember you're St.Lucian too,before, now, after you decide to retire from the force.


  5. We are part of the problem, expecting politicians to fix everything, or praying and expecting God to take away our problems. We should are blessed with more common sense than that. Getting involved in our communities with our youth will not solve all their problems, but will make a bigger difference. The SLP or UWP could not fix whatever problem these two hot heads had between them. I know the PM promised to fix crime, well the joke is on the ones who in 2017 still believe one politician's promise on such a difficult and complicated problem. Putting people in jail is not going to solve this issue, this is more a social than a judicial issue. There is always going to be hot heads, remember it started with Cain, hell even Moses committed murder.


    • You people with your stupid bible think you have all the answers. Tell me when skydaddy and skyson ever achieved anything?


  6. Even if someone didn't report it doesn't mean the police don't have to act.
    Even if a gun was not recovered doesn't mean he can't be charged. The fact is he can be charged for discharging a firearm in a public place.

    As far as I can c once someone can say I saw the gun then possession ...


  7. Their hands are tied, with no conclusion on Impass, merica watching them like cat witching fried fish.


  8. This world we are leaving in is no longer safe, those of ur who think ur country's are safe now, it is just for a while, bcz this world is coning to an end and there are .more trouble coming our way all we have to do is to live a Godly life, and to watch and pray.


  9. Wtf!!!!!!!

    That's what happens when you let small things fester. They become big and uncontrollable.


  10. we need another operation restore confidence to hell with what the U.S thinks ; who feels it knows it.


  11. That's where we as a nation should come to together and have a full weekend of denominations around the island youths children churches businesses seniors that are able to come out and address the violence that are plaguing our island. St Lucians put the rum ? down and take a stand against all evils rape, killings demostic violence against women, men and children ? together we can take back our island ? that the enemy has stolen from us When Jesus Say Yes No Demons From Hell Can Say No to God be the glory ??????


    • The church is at the heart of the problem. People are slowing begin to realise how farcical Christianity is. The main aim of Christianity is to accumulate wealth and use guile to con the foolish ones into giving their their earnings. The only solution to solving the problem is pray about it....they can NEVEr offer a practical solution to anything.

      Mind you with all their faith they do not quit their jobs and wait for manna to fall down from heaven....Play close attention to them and you will realise that their love for money is not only greater than that of yours but they will choose money over the same God they serve. Offer them a bag of money or an bible and i guarantee that they will choose the money 99.9 % of the time.

      Good is not sleeping....The devil is a liar. The Devil made them do it......pathetic.


  12. I am assuming guns and shooting is legal in st Lucia now because ain hearing any of those mother --- up at the cop office beating they a-- when they have to they ain implementing s--t I waiting for you'll to finish you'll with lawsuits target an innocent person again I dare you'll fools


  13. It is time the criminals chose an open and deserted place to settle their differences. All they have to do is leave some monies with a funeral home for their burial. No love in the Ring!!


  14. Put the guns down people we will soon die by hunger with us loosing our daily bread. Jesus please take the wheel


  15. Well, if the shooter can be positively identified, the police must launch a manhunt for him, arrest him, and charge him with attempted murder. Even if the gun is NEVER. Found, the charge must be instituted. And this is where the law sometimes fails us, because a bright lawyer will challenge the police and ask: where is the gun? But we need to amend our laws to make it possible to charge these gunslingers, once they can be positively identified by people who actually SAW them with the weapon. We need to be tough on crime, not soft or "technical".


    • The Ike guy had several runnings with the law and was still left free to terrorize ppl until a law abiding citizen couldn't take it anymore and put an end to it and now he is the one held behind bars. Smh.


      • You make no sense .. Stop justifying what Lester did to Ike.. Murder is murder be it the prime minister who did it . Lester kill Ike worst than a bad boy will so pay chu


        • It was NOT murder and for that matter iT WAS NOT A CRIME....he just sinned.


  16. Been a while I feel unsafe being at home! Crime have covered our island like a blanket! It's a shame our kids have to grow up in this environment filled with open eyed crime! What are those people in high places doing to help clean the streets off those illegal weapons! Tighten up on the laws! Commissioner of police we need your help! The island is suffering BIGLY!


  17. unbelievable. St. Lucian getting out of hand. I no longer feel safe in my country.


        • Be patient! Please keep waiting my people, the dumb PM promised us we will be able to travel to the U.S without a visa. He then grabs Vieux Fort lands for the Chinese so called master developer. How dumb are his supporters?
          "Black people arise and take your country back; start thinking for yourselves, your destiny is in your hands." Vieux Fort has some good leaders like Julius James & Dr Anderson Reynolds, why not let them represent us. They are more qualified than Kenny and Allen. We must select the people that have our interest at heart.


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