UPDATE: Shooting victim identified in Thursday’s homicide

UPDATE: Shooting victim identified in Thursday’s homicide


Police are investigating a homicide in Monkey Town, Ciceron, Castries.

Reports are that a young man was fatally shot after 9 p.m. Thursday, April 28, 2016.

He has been identified as Yan Louisy, alias “Yellow”, who is in his 20’s.

Reports are that Louisy had left his home at Ciceron to play dominoes at a nearby shop, when three masked men rushed into the building and opened fire, hitting him.

Relatives confirmed hearing gunshots about 9:30p.m and was later informed that Louisy was killed.

The man was discovered lying face down behind the shop counter.

Investigations are ongoing.


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  1. Rip my g wen i was in my class i use to hear yan plz report to da office lool those were da days sir ira


  2. I knew this guy from a little boy coming to sell with his decease mom Mary by the George Charles School. Today am so Sorry to hear his brutal death . God will deal with his killers accordinly . May his soul RIP.....


  3. Some of you are so ignorant that's why y'all make these stupid comments somebody name or alias has nothing to do with there name ..it's sad and it's ashame to see so many homicide happening like that in st.lucia nobody deserves you kill anybody and no body deserves to die by a gun.one thing some of us should know you can kill the body but u can never see the spirit!! It's high time some laws are enforced for those criminals put there


    • :/ :/ :/ :/ You just wasted comment space, your time and energy posting this irrelevant post


  4. My neighbor my childhood friend I'm dying inside best believe tht Yann Im tears ,we wud sit for hours on mom old step I will never forget u


  5. Good looking young man...please stop this senseless killing. All our young sons, brothers, nephews are dying...


  6. mate that is yello,i thought was someone else . but he is brown skin though and not light so how he came about with the name yellow . most yellows i know are shabin or just light skinned


    • Seriously . _ .
      you came in the comments to speak of his complexion and alias....
      R.I.P Yellow...


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