UPDATED: Homicide victim identified (30 photos added)

UPDATED: Homicide victim identified (30 photos added)
Forensic officers examining the body of St. Lucia's fifth homicide victim in one week.
Forensic officers examining the body of St. Lucia’s fifth homicide victim in one week.

Acting Assistant Commissioner of Police for Crime and Intelligence, Milton Desir, said police are unable to confirm at this time speculations that the latest homicide victim was a vagrant or mentally challenged.

Desir said the victim has been identified as Michael Joseph of Cul De Sac, Castries address.

Desir said a motive for the killing has not been confirmed despite information received that it was gang-related.

Joseph was gunned down sometime after 8 p.m. near the Marketing Board in Castries.

A source told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that two men – not wearing masks – approached the victim and opened fire then escaped in the craft market.

“They walked up to him and took him out,” the source added.

Initial reports indicated that a homeless/mentally-challenged man was shot while on his way to dump coconut shells in the garbage. This information is not yet confirmed.

This is the fifth homicide of the year and the fifth in one week. There were no homicides in January, February and March.


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  1. I feel like I need to cancel my vacation to St. Lucia. This is terrible. I thought it was a safe place to visit. 🙁


    • St Lucians can be assured that this news has already impacted travel plans and will have long lasting effects on the island economics.


  2. The IMPACS report is out. Now is the time for the corrupt business men and politicians to eliminate those who saw things happen; those who did things on their behalf of others or were paid to execute others; some of those who were spoken to by the investigators and gave material information to implicate others.The DPP will end up with no witnesses and therefore no evidence to hold anyone responsible for those killing. The Commissioner of Police should look in his backyard first before looking elsewhere. It is very easy to just walk up Marchand or any of the suburban areas around Castries and contract or hire an under 20 year old killer. This is not about gang rivalry. The available technology has made it easy for killers to operate very smoothly in finding their targets. One whatsapp message with a photo showing targets position in really time; next the command goes out to execute-mission accomplished.