UPDATED: Union man charged with stealing homicide victim’s car

UPDATED: Union man charged with stealing homicide victim’s car
The residence of homicide victim Ann Rose Raymond (inset photo).
The residence of homicide victim Ann Rose Raymond (inset photo) in Marisule, Gros Islet.

Police have formally charged a man with stealing the motor vehicle belonging to homicide victim 76-year-old Ann Rose Raymond, also known as Aunty Urita, Lilico or Ma Leo.

Peter Thomas, 43, of Union, Castries was charged this afternoon (Jan. 15). He was picked up by police on Friday at his residence.

Raymond’s body was discovered by police at her Marisule, Gros Islet residence on the afternoon of Saturday, Dec. 10, 2016 after they responded to a suspected burglary report from her family.

Reports are that family members became suspicious after phone calls went unanswered and her gate was discovered locked.

Police said she died as a result of “asphyxia secondary to ligature strangulation”.

Raymond, who lived alone, was also sexually assaulted.

Meanwhile, investigators are awaiting forensic evidence that they hope will tie him directly to the killing and land him with a murder charge.

According to police sources, enough evidence was gathered to prove that Thomas was in possession of Raymond’s car on the day her body was discovered.

He reportedly drove Raymond’s vehicle to a gas station to fix a punctured tire. He ended up abandoning the vehicle on the Castries Waterfront, near the government buildings.

During preliminary investigations, police interviewed and released two men who were seen with Raymond in a vehicle, heading to Castries.

It was eventually ascertained that the men accompanied her to purchase electrical items for her residence about two days before her body was discovered. Reports are that construction was ongoing on the victim’s home.


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  1. In as much as these crimes are being committed I want to screammmmmmmmmmmmm SO LOUD and hard at this situation with so much pain and anger. What has this lady done to you ? She trusted you and you violated her privacy and took her life from her. It seems that this is not the first time that he has allegedly, apparently done this, only this time he allegedly commit murder. He was allegedly accused of raping a lady in Ti Morne Balata years ago.The young lady allegedly apparently identified him by his strong stale smell. She was devastated and probably still is. His day of judgement is today. Rest assured God has already handled the outcome.


  2. Same old story. One month later and police still awaiting forensic evidence whilst our expensive lab sitting closed for a year and a half now. So who has to pay the bill for those DNA sent overseas? Abused tax payers again. That money could have helped fix a road or a school. Even but a new vehicle for the very police.
    Come on Mr. PM when will the lab reopen. You in charge now.


  3. in your m ! u s ...messup on yor mind the lady had trusted yall to do a works for her and that yal see to do . i glad they caught up to yall in yall ....!


  4. Forensic Evidence. Fix our lab Mr. Prime Minister. We do not need to go overseas to have samples analyzed.


  5. You barsturd.. If u are the one who committed the offense, don't u have a mother, sisters, daughters, a grandmother or any females in ur family. How would u feel if the situation had happen to them come on. Ur heart was not aching u to see the agony the lady was in?? High them they hang ppl like u by the same penis u rape with.. Good job officers.. Keep on going...


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