BREAKING NEWS: Man found dead in Laborie

BREAKING NEWS: Man found dead in Laborie

breaking_news-si_Police are investigating the death of a man in Laborie.

The man, identified 50-year-old Darius Jn Baptiste, alias ‘Apricot’., was found in the nude, face down in his yard, police said.

His death is being treated as a sudden death until the conclusion of a post mortem, police said.


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  1. People need to realize if they don't have anything nice to say just keep their mouth shut respect for the grieving family in peace !


  2. People please stop, his sister said to wait for the cause of death before you start shooting your big mouth ok. If he was in the shower and felt like he is having a heart attack he would not look to cover his self he will look to see if someone can help him common sense thats what some of us dont have so please back off . So sad i grew up with him may his soul rest in perfect peace to my family you are all in my prayers May the Lord strengthen everyone.


  3. Sharon Terrell : if you have nothing good or nice to say please keep all your comments to yourself . That goes to everyone else . My brother meant everything to me and I will always remember him as my protector who always had an infectious smile . So please until we get all the facts straight I ask that you refrain from this site with any nasty or negative comments. Have some respect or find something useful to do with your time


  4. He was found in the nude,in his yard.That's not normal.Not even a towel wrapped around him.Normal people don't walk in their yard in the nude.


    • Before you start to criticize Sharon get your facts right plz. Let my uncle rest in peace


    • You are aware that people still have showers outside their homes right? Be a little more sympathetic


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