UPDATE: Motorcyclist killed in accident

UPDATE: Motorcyclist killed in accident


Police sources have confirmed that a male motorcyclist, who was seriously injured in an accident in Balata this morning, is dead.

Reports are that the motorcycle collided with a sports utility vehicle (SUV) near a gas station in the community at about 9 a.m.

Eyewitnesses said the motorcyclist, known as “Zo Zo”, sustained head and upper torso injuries, as well as bruises all over his body. He was motionless at the scene.

It is not clear if the motorcyclist was wearing a helmet.

No further details available.

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  1. The sad thing is most of those riders are new riders. They don't have enough experience on the road, yet still they are the ones riding carelessly on the roads. How many of the experienced riders you hear dying in a crash? Only our young and stupid men. And yes some of the road users have no respect for motor cycles. I have seen it.


  2. Don't put the blame on potholes !! We know they are there, hence the reason to be more cautious. I suffered a broken arm when I tried to get away from a pothole at an accelerating speed. Speed=distance times time. I ended in a ditch because the speed was too much and the time to recover was too little for the short distance between the ditch and the pothole. I blamed myself and not the pothole.


  3. How many motorcycle accidents we have had in St.lucia with an overall ratio in the last five years?Road transportation board hasn't done nothing to minimise the impact.Motorcycle riders doesn't comply with safety issues as well as these young fellas doesn't know anything about riding a motor-bike.People should go through an examination before jumping on a motorcycle.The bigger countries has a lot in place that,has reduce on such accidents but,we are far more behind than anywhere else.Some of those riders when they are on the road they want to practice what they see on the tv,which takes them to death on our roads.


  4. I heard a lot of bikers complaining about police sending there vehicle on them when they want to stop you


  5. look i hate to do this but the blame lies with the transport department .if the people in charg was doing what is right insted of saving faces life whode save to be in a nute sheel squre pegs in a roung hole administative department at transpost board stinks ,
    give the people who can do the job an oppunty to serve the helen of the west ,so we can implement measures to save lives on our roads


  6. It is a tragedy that so many people are killed on SLU highways. The majority of them being young persons. I have stated before that there is a culture of unsafe activity on the island. When I am home, on any given day, I witness so many acts that I sometimes wonder why the toll is not higher. Every person who dies needlessly brings pain to a family.

    My solution is (a) prepare a safety curriculum at elementary school level so a new generation would not be victims (b) introduce inexpensive police motorcycles that ticket dangerous motorists. The income derived will pay itself and also force awareness.

    Sorry that another young person has lost his life and another family is in pain. RIP


  7. Drivers in st lucia dont have respect for riders they always think that riders are mad ppl and that police always fast if ull remember that same police was in an accident in la clery months ago so he always fast smhhhh..........Rip zo zo


  8. Everybody drives & rides so fast on the island, I'm not sure if it's a show-off thing, but they need to slow down because 'black lives' matter. All our young black men are dying......


  9. Every body drives/ride very FAST on those narrow roads.... please slow down BLACK lives matter.


  10. how sad, so young too soon. they should enforced motorcycle helmet to be worn. too many of my young black men are dying, please do something.


    • Nobody hit him .. The vehicle went down in a drain and the man on the bike overtake a vehicle in a little corner not knowing that the vehicle went down in the drain... He maybe tried to avoid hitting the jeep and he hit the tire.... So sad !! ??? hate accidents


  11. R.i.p zozo u will b missed wah boy life so strange I could only think about ur jokes god knows best


  12. Them motorcyclists again... I saw one weaving his way through traffic on the Vigie stretch and then on the four lane motorway going up north! He truly was an accident waiting to happen, now this! May he rest in peace!


  13. 4 da amount of madness I c sum people do on bikes am not surprised , we have 2 expect dem kina deaths ..


  14. A tragedy indeed. Condolences to his family. On a side note however, it always baffles me to see the sort of clothing won by St.Lucian motorcyclists. They never seem to be wearing the requisite protective gear yet still these bikers zoom through traffic at breakneck speeds on a daily basis, apparently oblivious to the fact that they sometimes have no helmets on and are wearing vests and three-quarter shorts! More caution and responsibility need to be taken in order to avoid all this loss of life on the island's roadways.


  15. you know recently i was speaking to a motor bike rider about the way they use the road and ride through traffic and his response was car man don't have any respect for bike man. seriously riders should be more careful when riding on the road. they over take anywhere, in junctions when the traffic has stopped to allow side road traffic to come unto the main road they still overtake. i wish that we all would use the road more carefully. condolences goes out to his family.


  16. I must say S.N.O is the best and fastest local news provider. Bravo to S.N.O. I live in the area and you got that info before me. Keep up the good works. Be careful on road people, Zoe u love riding but u was too fast this morning, what was the rush about? May your soul rest in peace, condolences to your family and friends.