Man gunned down hours after celebrating birthday

Man gunned down hours after celebrating birthday
Lionel sustained multiple chop wounds in an incident last year.
Lionel sustained multiple chop wounds in an incident last year.
Lionel sustained multiple chop wounds in an incident last year.

A 35-year-old man became the island’s latest homicide victim.

Reports are that Tennyson Lionel of Ciceron, Castries sustained gunshot wounds at around 2:20 a.m. this morning near Chateau Blanch in Morne Du Don, Castries.

He reportedly sustained two gunshot wounds.

Lionel celebrated his birthday on Wednesday, July 29, a few hours before he was killed.

He is the 13th homicide victim.

Lionel is no stranger to the news.

He was the victim of a chopping incident last year. Reports are that he was brought to Victoria Hospital bleeding profusely from wounds to his head and arms at about 2:30 am on Saturday, April 5, 2014.

Lionel also made the news earlier that same year, as the victim of a robbery on Jeremie Street on Saturday, January 11, 2014.

In 2012, Lionel was ordered to pay a total of $1,500 for drug charges.

He was arrested in Bexon during a police operation on Friday, Nov. 2, 2012 at about 1:30 a.m. and appeared in court the same day on the charges of possession of a controlled drug (cannabis) and possession with the intent to supply a controlled drug.

Lionel pleaded guilty on both charges and was fined $750 to be paid by November 15, 2012 on the charge of possession of a controlled drug, and $750 to be paid by February 15, 2013 on the charge of possession with the intent to supply a controlled drug.


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  1. mary mary shutting up.. human rights ? what a joke. criminal rights ok I understand. any way ! IMPACTS REPORT IN OUR REAR. Call the Jamaicans to investigate. Those dirty crooks. you see what they want for the past three Tuesdays a police dead every Tuesday in Jamaica....Newsflash St Lucia wait for your turn. QUESTION..why america don't put sanctions on the criminals just like my small a for america when it come to CRIME america small. I think we should look for help from isis instead at least they not hypocriteeeee!!!!!


  2. Who is to be blamed if your'll don't want government blamed for crime?, government is partially responsible for a sizable chunk of what is taking place. They are supposed to be using my tax dollars for putting infrastructure and services in place to help curb and prevent crime not for living large.
    Tell me:
    How can so much money be spent building a lab and it is closed? how will crime be solved?
    How can so much be spent paying incompetent ministers who does not even know why they put there?
    How come after so many years the new hospital is still sitting there not equipped for replacing VH?
    How come no one getting hanged for crimes after they have been arrested, prosecuted and convicted now just sitting at bordelais enjoying a better meal than myself that provide the taxes to feed them.

    This pure wastage of funds that could have been used to assist some under privileged family or provide proper vocational training (not step) for the employed youth. The criminals are bold with no fear because they feel empowered that they will not be hanged but will go to prison (5 star hotel) and get it good if they are ever caught.
    Now yet again another example of utter wastage : extension of the four lane highway, is this really necessary at this point in time?.
    If your'll don't want to blame government = JUST PUT THE BLAME ON ME!


  3. My brother was a claim loving person that let a lot go because of his soft heart god gave him but the day will come when the almighty god will have no mercy for his life that was taken.Rip my baby bro love you always you in the hands of your maker and big bro is by your side


  4. Well said # odd...I couldn't have said it better...back to restore confidence... The u.s.a has so much more dirty business why don't they go mind it... And for those of u who spy on us for the u.s. I say tanto tanto


  5. Had his mother and the gunmen's mother beat them when they were yutes and record it for the video to go viral, then im sure lionel would have been a Doctor today or at least a mechanic 🙂


  6. guns out this morning...babylon coming again...alot a man licking shot but they only kno how hot the shot is when they get lick down by one too...


  7. It's a damn shame, people have no respect for one another anymore. May his soul rest in peace and my condolences to his family. Wish we could bring back L.O.V.E! Too much H.A.T.E.....


  8. I don't hear anybody blaming the parents of those thugs who raise them wrong, the friends and family who hide and protect them. everything is Government this, government that. I guess if he was living a straight and hard working life he would'nt be in all those problems.


  9. I'm sorry all bluntness...they really ought to activate restore confidence once more...what differs us from trinidad and these so called police killings...we are small island plagued by say a thousand (if so many) individuals whom believe theyre immortal and above any form of authority...personally speaking..if i were pm...alot of people would have disappeared pose nothing but trouble to a society...your decisions are to cause harm on another individual be it through gang war...or just outright boldness of hatred...if i see those qualities within you..i will give you an ultimatum to either change your ways...or disappear...the conditions of your banishment are confidential...i say this because it seems to be the only option one would have to curb this 'badboy' mannerisms that follow each young man coming up in this era..these days if someone steps on your have to tell them sorry...wth is that?...people think you have some association with another...they kill you if they cant find them...someone enters your home...the asset you working so hard pay it your car or home...they feel like they can just do as they sorry police...but if my life is under threat im taking one with me...if just one...i have very little to no will make a complaint...and nothing really happens will tell them WHO DID IT...nothing happens...protective custody is not really plausible here i get that...but still...the lifestyle to come looks grim unless we are become our brothers keeper.


  10. Just found out my cousin was killed (Tennyson) but the news outlets posts he was once arrested for weed. What's the point. What a senseless act of violence. Let's reflect on what the criminals are getting away with. A loss of life. A great friend, son, cousin , sibling. Don't sully his name just to put something in the paper.


    • Well said. I wonder if it's customary to report on a victim's past. If so did this person do anything good? Because it seems like a pictured is being painted to make the victim seem deserving of being killed. What's the news here? Make up your mind.


  11. I'm not saying this man deserved to be murdered. No one deserves that. But it seems he was living a lifestyle that brought nothing but trouble for him. Drugs, and victim of a chopping and robbery. This doesn't happen for no reason. I'm sorry the man lost his life but when you play with fire sometimes you get burned.


    • Read properly Hun. He was the victim of the robbery. Not the thief. And what is so wrong with selling weed. I don't even call that medicine a drug smh


  12. That's so sad to c you celebrate your birthday and this is what happen my sympathy goes out to family


  13. Wow, da way these educated fools blame da government for crimes being committed by thugs. The crazy thing about it, u would find others liking their comments. Sick n twisted. U created ur own destiny.

    So sad that this guy had to loose his life this way. I hope he had a relationship with God.

    Sincere condolences to the family n friends.


  14. Was this guy the most unlucky person or he was living an unsavory life style. Chopped, robbed and now get killed hours after his bday. That's crazy. My sweet St.Lucia no matter what this is steal the sweetest island to me.


  15. Wam there - respect to you. One of the few intelligent posters on here.

    The nation simply does not have its priorities right. For a start how about we save money by stop sendin jadia abroad every other week and use it to get that forensic lab back open. I would be cutting all unnecessary waste until we reach the amount of money to get it fixed. I don't care about carnival or calypso or Taiwan embassies. Someone get a grip.


  16. The guy got killed for his birthday!!!

    I lay the blame squarely on the state's inabilty to address the following:

    Equipment in the police force = under-supplied
    Manpower in the police force = under-supplied + under-utillzed
    Low Morale, lack of motivation and uncertainty within the police force = present + high
    Court House = Closed until further notice
    Forensic lab = Closed without adeaquate justification
    Justice Minister = Silent + thin skinned + self serving

    What is the State doing to protect citizens? = Building a building to house the Prime Minister + creating 3 more constituencies.

    What is the sum of all these situations? = Self serving government who doesn't give a damn about the people it should be serving, rather ensuring self preservation (Evidence = Courtesy of Wikileaks)

    Rationale = In every other country in the Caribbean there are extra-judicial killings why hasn't the US suspended aid?


    • someone gets killed and that's where you lay blame? how could any of the things you outlined prevent this from happening?


    • stop being an idiot. if someone wants to take a another human life all he has to do is plan and execute and hope he/she does not get caught. what i will say now is the job of the authorities is to try to capture the one committing the crime. even if all of what was stated above was satisfied it still wouldnt prevent someone from wanting to kill someone else. all they need to do is get you when the police are not around or when your guard is down. a great nation like the US has it worst than us and if u look at the true statistics the majority of murders take years and sometimes even decades for someone to be arrested and convicted. i wont like there is blame to be placed on the executive, legislature and judiciary but at the end of the day the true blame is to be placed where it all started. at HOME. "train up a child in the way that he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it - Proverbs 22:6"



    • Wham There : Well said...U have my vote if u running for elections... Wud u realize also that SNO has better Police Record - Conviction Card than the Police ...I sure if info was needed on the decease ... So much detailed info wud not b found at the police CRO...well done SNO !!!