UPDATE: Cul de Sac River drowning victim identified

UPDATE: Cul de Sac River drowning victim identified


The man who drowned in the Cul de Sac River Wednesday afternoon has been identified as Henson “Marcus” Jean, 42, of Deglo, Bexon.

Reports are that Jean was diving in the Cul de Sac River near Buckeye Saint Lucia, when he encountered difficulty at around 1:30 p.m. and never resurfaced.

His body was retrieved a few hours later with the assistance of officials from the Marine Unit.

Jean was reportedly an expert diver and enjoyed spear fishing.

A post-mortem examination is scheduled for Friday.


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  1. R.i.p,,,,Marcus,,top class swimmer like dat,,,i cant understand,,,had too b a sickness dat take him,,so sad.my heart goes out too the family


  2. Words can't express our pain. We're very heartbroken! Two brothers dying in a similar fashion at a young age. Both deaths occurred in the December and the brothers were experts when it comes to navigating the waters - I sometimes said that they are fishes! I'm very disappointed about the fact that st. Lucia law enforcement quickly calls most incidents an accident, instead of taking the time to investigate what really happened rather than just settling for the statements of so called witnesses.


  3. Top swimmer like macus ...sad to see u go so .infact i suprise (i mean the river ) r.i.p tho ,at least u go doin what you love


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