UPDATE: Police identify man stabbed to death in Castries

UPDATE: Police identify man stabbed to death in Castries


PRESS RELEASE – Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of 30 year old Cedrick Gourie of Darling Road, Castries.

On Saturday, December 19, 2015 about 7:57 p.m. police responded to a report of a stabbing which occurred on Jn.Baptiste Street, Castries.

Gourie was discovered in a supine position (lying face up) with what appeared to be a single stab wound to the left side of his chest.

He was transported to the Victoria Hospital where he was pronounced dead by a medical doctor.

A post mortem shall be conducted on a later date.

This is the twenty-seventh homicide for the year 2015.



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  1. Why so much blood on my sweet St.Lucia? Anger is a sin why walk around with a knife or gun or machete these are deadly weapons. My people these kind of rage should be in us lucians we are better and bigger than that this is the season of love peace happiness joy togetherness what happens when onetake someone else's life?
    How do you go living your life as if nothing is wrong. Crimes don't pay rebuke the devil. Oh lord St.Lucia We Love mercy lord.


  2. Oh ok another killing, alright I've heard this song before ,smfh . Getting to that point where you just read and say, "oh ok"


  3. rip.... Please stop the killing , we don't have too do that ......... A mother, a sister , a father , their lives have been thrown upside down. Now you at home wondering when the police will come and kick your door down and another family will be in turmoil . No one wins ..........we all suffer .....


  4. I cannot understand why theses individuals walking around with knives like butchers in this season gone are the days where we had love and respect for each other. Sad. I hope the person rot in jail


  5. It's amazing animals have more respect for each than some of us in SLU with all this robbery an killing we face it this time of the year woow so much for being thy brother's keeper whiles still calling on god for his understanding in times for needed compassion with violent an hate in disrespectful hearts of those don't care what tomorrow brings.


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