Man collapses in truck

Man collapses in truck

A senior citizen collapsed behind the steering wheel of a truck in Vieux Fort this morning.

An eyewitness told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that the man, who appears to be the driver of the truck, is unresponsive.

“He looks dead to me,” the source said.

The incident occurred in La Ressource, near the entrance to Campus B of the Vieux Fort Comprehensive Secondary School, the eyewitness said.

“He had time stop (the truck) before he collapsed,” the eyewitness said.

At the time SNO received the story, an ambulance was on the way to the scene.

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  1. Hello All
    I would like to say thank you for contributing in this news and for informing the family of details!!
    I also pray for all Car incidents around the world too. The driver is my uncle it saddens to learn of his recent death. My father have loss a father, uncle, cousin and a child of God.


  2. The only solution I see to the problem you guys make is that SNO shuts down the site..... Then wat??

    I don't see anything wrong with the pics posted. In my eyes SNO does exactly what a journalist is supposed to do. Have evidence on whatever news they are reporting. Why is it that you guys don't criticize HTS and DBS when they have pics and videos of victims or incidents.. oh yes... because there is no forum to do such. Most of your'll complaining are the very ones who refer friends and family to the same articles you bash.

    Merrick and team... continue the good job.


  3. it is high time that sno censors what it puts out in the public domain. let individuals do what they want. but as a responsible news carrier, sno should really scrutinized what it puts out there. their level of sensitivity is just not there. is it just for sensational journalism? the victims families are traumatized in the same vein. its looking bad when those things happens.


  4. Firstly, let me say prayers go out to the gentle man. Hope he is recovering and pulls through. Second, why don't some of you stop being critics? The headline/news is about the man but instead "yall" talking about the people who took the pics or the people you assumed didn't call the ambulance. Send out positive word to the injured man instead. Focus your concern on him recovering and stop arguing among yourselves about who did and who didn't. God bless your hearts.


  5. This reminded me so much of how my brother died. It was a massive cardiac arrest. Poor man. This brought back crashing memories, my brother had time stop the truck as well, he even had hazard lights on, he even laid down on both the passenger and driver sit in a sleeping position, but unfortunately it was late in the night, people were going up and down on the highway, there was creole celebrations in Micoud but no one went to the truck, apparently no one thought it would be that he was in danger. He was found dead in his truck the following day, by a man who passed twice and noticed the truck had not moved from the first time he saw it, and found that strange. It's been 14 years and it's like yesterday. These things happen cause we do not know how and when we are gonna be called upon, and trust me we are all walking around with death. Some we can delay, some we can't. And for those who say someone should help, we are too quick to talk, how do we know that no one made a call, but I do agree that we are quick to take photo's of people in distress, we want to be the first to send photo's to the media. I hope one day when we are in distress and we see camera's in our faces as we take our last breath, we applaud them and say thank you.


  6. Lucians alone that takes pictures when an incident happen?? Y'all love to critize y'all own country eh...bunch of fools. Kiss North America a** idiots


    • Tell me which country where someone wouldnt have done the same... Theres a world out there sweety with human beings just like St.Lucians.


      • Why are we blaming SNO for the pic, look at America how people a filming the police beating the black all over the place. All I can say is I hope the gentleman pulls through.


  7. so someone couldn't rush the man to the hospital instead they just stand there taking pictures.
    that's a big shame!!


  8. Ok. So it wasn't an accident. Instead of standing taking pics or waiting for an ambulance to arrive noone would think to carefully remove the gentleman and rush him to the hospital? Heartless in the utmost. Pray for the family.


    • Dont ou know if youre not a first aid responder you are not allowed to remove thw person as you can cause more harm than good?


    • then again don`t you know sometimes someone without training of medical techniques can cause the death of the man by moving him.


    • the Ambulance was call and was on the way...
      if non was available then someone should rush hi to hospital...
      never move a victim unless you are a first responder, have recent first aid training, etc.. or far away from help... sad to say it is illegal to do that without the above...


  9. these lucians too serious instead they call an ambulance they stand up taking pictures smh


    • You guys keep making a fool of your'll selves. How long does it take to make a call to the necessary personnel? How many people you wanted to make the call?


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