Man charged in connection with security guard’s death

Man charged in connection with security guard’s death

Police have formally charged a man in connection with the death of a security guard who was beaten while on duty at a high school in Castries.

Joseph Simon of Agard, Morne Du Don has been charged for causing the death of Edwards Thomas and is expected to appear in the First District Court shortly, a police press release has stated.

“In spite of this initial arrest, investigations are continuing into the matter,” the release added.

Thomas, who was attacked on Wednesday, July 3, 2013  at Bocage Secondary School, succumbed to his injuries at the Intensive Care Unit of Victoria Hospital on Tuesday, July 16, 2013 at about 2:25 am.

The attack occurred when officers received information of a burglary at the school, the release stated.

A post mortem examination was conducted on the body on Friday, July 19, 2013. The results indicated he died as a result of brain damage secondary to blunt force trauma to the right temporal area.

During the burglary, two computers were stolen from the principal’s office after the culprits broke the wooden door.


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  1. i am not saying the guard did not suffer serious injuries, but!! how often do people check into the victoria hospital and never check out alive they head stright to the morgue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. On this note I wonder what ever happened to the hooligans who killed one security and injured the other who at that time was employed at the Hess school


  3. Please ensure he and all his accessories receive the full force of the law..Parents ,please ensure you and guarding and guiding your children right and well.


  4. Give me a break,he's chared with what? Please he'll remain on remand for another six to ten years before going to face the high court, your justice system is a joke please repair it. To the family of Mr Thomas may time ease the pain and beautiful memories fill your lives, so very sad for your lost let him rest in eternal peace.


    • U are so right and it is so sad. Wonder Y we hv had so many lawyers in gov't. PLS fix up this mess we need to have a better judicial system.


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