BREAKING NEWS: Man charged in connection with Grand Riviere homicide

BREAKING NEWS: Man charged in connection with Grand Riviere homicide

The suspect who was held in connection with the shooting death of Seame Cherry on June 10 appeared in the Gros Islet District Court today, Friday, July 14, 2017.

Rawl Mandiel Casimir of Assou Canal, Gros Islet was charged for causing the death of Cherry, also known as ‘Shem’ and ‘Snake Oil’.

Cherry, 27, of Corinth, Gros Islet was shot four times in Piat, Grand Riviere, Gros Islet around 2 a.m. on June 10 while at a remembrance party for a male friend who was killed in January.

Seame Cherry



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  1. all those people who say who do and who did not do I raised in the community I know all of the young men from birth, and all of them was giving trouble in the area ,Roll was a bit more quiet but he was strongly influenced by his friends,so I will not dout he was involved and the parents knows that . the one that got killed, shem , he himself was the biggest problem in Corinth, for a fact. the other alleged suspect. is a bigger problem in rande riviere still, but Roll I saw that would happen cuz u were with the wrong friends so I won't doubt u did it. now the whole area is quiet. I hope this searve as a lesson to the others. sometimes it takes a storm to find out who you are. don't allow death to step in b4 u can step out.


  2. All must fall even if they go jail
    Peter or paul they family better take them in
    Cause they will be safer in jail, that flo fella you must be done but just by me .time will tell


  3. cocoflow that --shoot d man now cocoflow not lucia mate leave lucia already and go in a french country i think is Guadeloupe so i eh know what d -- da man eh show d police vibe cause he know he was deh so all uh urll talking he was d man best buddy he know every -- so let him talk or do the time paul pay for all they go learn.


  4. Typical nigger habits...always want the police to work miracles in their rime of need but never willing to come forward and assist with the investogation to see that justice is served. I hope the friend you dont want to squeal on one day does something to dramatically affect your life in A negative way as the ultimate karma. Stupid vhimps.


  5. I was a witness present who was scared to identify for fear of flo coming after me but right now I can't allow Rawl to go to jail and he's innocent so i will do the right thing and speak to the police and anyone else with information should come forward because the difference starts with us. Please don't fear as we will ensure that whole "52" block of delinquents get placed in prison, we have seen you do to many crimes in our area and we are tired and you will go to jail. All of you will go to prison I'm tired of keeping quite. Jamack, Tek9, Rolly, Flo and the rest will be served by justice


  6. Am not say in a word...many More will have to suffer many more will have to die without we touch don't you worry..tanto talks bullshit walk..i hope you will have enough nails to scratch your by one you all must go..i hope you all can swim


  7. If all of you guys talking on here know then say and dont let another young life go to waste for the sins of another.


  8. In the first place RAWL dat shoot him first to the chest n as he turn the OTHER 1 shoot him from behind n is 1 of the shots to the front that kill him
    All those that talking were ur'll at the party???????????


    • Smfh shot to his chest u better say it good in the court or else u will be an a.....wen the pressure on let c how u do u a.. . seems u doctor king ....u sound uneducated foool


  9. Nah nah nah that is so sad that this is wat it really came down to arresting someone who did not do the crime. It happens all the time but its unfair, police got the name of the killa had the photo circulating on the police group chat came to look for him on many occasions . Hmmmmmm wat really did change did the police officers got lazy at their jobs or was it the Peter pay for Paul kinna shit haaa is this young man so foolish to kill a man and Go to his home and continue living his life normally and not at lease try to hide or runaway ?strange. Okay probably he is mentally ill. Eyewitness please speak


  10. WoW WoW all these young men our leaders of tomorrow is this what your parents worked so hard to prepare you for. A future of promises and success bundle with senseless killing of your fellow man.


  11. Rawl didn't do it and we all know Rawl wouldn't do it either; we are alll aware in Assou Canal and neighbouring gaps and communities of who the actual suspect we witnessed is. Now unfortunately this guy has two daughters and he is a murderer on the loose.l Can you imagine what may become of his daughters if retaliation was necessary for friends of his victims. But I remember you raped me and you threatened me the day you mr flo end up behind bars is justice day for all.


  12. For all those that commenting under the post like big jackasses they have so many witnesses rawl is one they accounted for and the next one that hiding the police coming for him he hiding asuu canal like the police eh know . rawl got wat he deserved and I'll be hanging around to see the next one be taken into costudy now you'll will see who's you'll friend..and they know if shem survived you'll know'll deserve to rot in hell rawl and company.stray dogs


  13. Smh. It is all u fault innocent ppl get charged
    Instead of going to the police to speak the truth all u there busy typing. Smh. If somebody identify the guy as the killer what u all expect yhe police to do, nit charge the guy. The police was not there is u all that was there so go to the police n identify the true killer - simple


  14. If his innocent in this murder may the good Lord set him free, but if he was part of this murder justice have to be serve....cause Shem did nothin! absolutely nothin to rawl nor his other companion tht killed knees jus start getting black to catch the other killer.(vengence Is mine saith the Lord I will Repay. Romans's all in the hands of the lord.may God continue to lead and direct the police officers to do they job.


  15. But those who won't care for their relatives, especially those in their own household, have denied the true faith. Such people are worse than unbelievers.

    – 1 Timothy 5: 8


  16. i dont think they said he killed him they said he caused it, i should think he caused them to kill him *shurgs*


  17. Everyone knows its not him except the police so pass you'll ass to the police you'll worthless ppl


  18. This is not the guy who killed him. Set the poor boy free. Everyone in Grande Riviere knows who did it. He did it in front of numerous witnesses.


      • Finally people da police know there is another one on da run da police ca give out all info please talk let justice be served let those shooters know dat their time is up


  19. Smfh those police need to do their job right .. the boy is innocent this is not the person urll said that since urll eh get the right person urll jus pin it on the boy i am so f---g mad .....then urll make a friend of the dead man identify the boy because the boy is a friend of the person urll are looking for uh....urll need to go piat and get about 10 ppl that was in the party to identify the right person ....them police need to do thier job fuvking right


    • If u know so much why don't u tell the police who it is. If not shut the hell up with your complaining


      • Shhh they already know who, can't you read he said they came looking for him and can't find hiknans pin it Jon a friend so they look like they're doing their jobs chpz