BREAKING NEWS: Man charged for Gros Islet fatal hit-and-run accident

By Ana Alleyne
Joseph Altidore (left) in a younger photo and the suspect captured by security cameras after hitting Altidore.

Joseph Altidore (left) in a younger photo and the suspect captured by security cameras after hitting Altidore.

A Monier resident has been charged in connection with the fatal hit-and-run accident of former police officer and taxi operator, 74-year-old Joseph Altidore of Bois Patat, Castries.

Twenty-four-year-old Lance Alfred, also known as ‘Bolo’, was charged for the offence of leaving the scene of an accident, contrary to the Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Act, police said in a press release.

He was remanded in custody until July 6, 2017 after he appeared in the First District Court for a bail hearing, the release further states.

The fatal accident occurred on Wednesday, June 7, 2017, about 9:10 a.m. along the Gros Islet Highway, near the Bank of St. Lucia.

Police said Altidore, who had just exited the bank, was hit by a motorcycle that was travelling northbound, towards Gros Islet.

The motorcyclist also hit another vehicle after hitting Altidore.

Security cameras reportedly captured the incident and Alfred was arrested later the same day.

The senior citizen was transported to Victoria Hospital via ambulance where he later succumbed to his injuries.

A post mortem examination conducted by Dr. Wayne Felicien on Thursday, June 8, 2017, revealed that Altidore died as a result of spinal injury secondary to occipitocervical vertebra and one fracture dislocation due to blunt force trauma to the head.

Police said investigations are ongoing in this matter.

“It is very hard,” are the words used by widow Linda Altidore to describe how she and her family has been coping with the death of her husband.

Speaking to the media last wee, a grieving Linda expressed disgust at the way the accident occurred and said she feels some level of satisfaction that the suspect has been apprehended.

She believes that this should serve as a lesson, that “…if he knocks somebody [down]… he should at least stop and let the person know that it is not his fault or whatever it is [or see whether] he could help [or] give assistance to take the person to hospital…

“But he treated my husband like a dog, like an animal… and just left and went away,” she lamented.

“Nobody would like that… he wouldn’t like that for his family… so why he did it to somebody else?” she asked, adding that, “now he has to answer questions for what he did.”

The victim leaves behind three children.

“…the person should have pity on somebody’s life because life is very important, it is precious…” the grieving widow said.

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  1. Jomoshamgar Lubumba I

    I ain’t answer the ass, I simply pile in
    the back seat and watch the sky burn
    above Laventille pink as the gown
    in which the woman I left was sleeping,
    and I look in the rearview and see a man
    exactly like me, and the man was weeping
    for the houses, the streets, that whole fucking island.

    Christ have mercy on all sleeping things!
    From that dog rotting down Wrightson Road
    to when I was a dog on these streets;
    if loving these islands must be my load,
    out of corruption my soul takes wings.
    But they had started to poison my soul
    with their big house, big car, big-time bohbohl,
    coolie, nigger, Syrian, and French Creole,
    so I leave it for them and their carnival—
    I taking a sea bath, I gone down the road. ~ Derek Walcott

  2. If their was so much eye witness ,
    why couldn't u stop the senior from crossing the road just like what u would do for a child .
    I blame them as well cause a big bike means big/loud noise.
    watch your self at the time u could have save a mans life .R.I.P. Mr

  3. I'm a driver and honestly these things will happen.
    Not until it reaches our door we feels it.
    This young man could have acted out of fear and shock.
    The driver had no rights stopping there for the mister either.
    The man knew that there was a pedestrian crossing.
    So overall every body is to be blamed.
    It's a sad situation .
    Rip MR.
    Be strong young man.
    Lucians stop judging.
    The next move could be yours
    Who knows?
    Only Jah knows

  4. If people did not see that man, trust me he wouldn't turn himself in. Birds of a feather flock together.

  5. Don't forget we all have families and we cannot come here and say what u all thinks he is human and God will see him through I didn't give him right to flee the sence but sometimes we don't know and can blame .and where is the car owner did he not flee the sence also . ??????? Condolences to the deceased families .

  6. If was my dad he did dat said to say it an may jah forgive me,but I would of kill him str8 jus because he hit an ran. If he had stopped I would of have mercy on him but he left so he would of pay with BLOOD.. STR8

    • Cum am do it 4 you to see you buller

    • I hope you god sake you are not a driver or rider.
      Stupid chat.
      Our of fear or shock this can happen.

    • Big bad and bold aren't you?what does that resolve?you'd be in prison for murder.Think before you act people...That wouldn't bring your loved one back.You just have to appoint a fantastic lawyer to work for you.

  7. Really that's all the charges..... What a joke smh

  8. This guy shouldn't be permitted to operate any means of transportation on st.lucia streets for the rest of his life after being penalized by the justice system.

  9. It was an accident, it can happen to anyone of us, he did not have to run, there's something called involuntary man-slaughter, afraid or not, instead he left the man as if he was a dog on the street, in the US PETA and Animal rights groups would come down hard on him for killing an animal like that, much less a human and a Senior Citizen.
    I don't feel for him, he should of stayed at the scene, you would of gotten more empathy and sympathy from the community even the family for acknowledging your mistake instead you ran away and hid for days like a coward .
    Remember Lucians and Caribbean people on a whole are very forgiving.
    How you treated that gentleman and his grieving family speaks volume of who you are.
    See? I told you KARMA will find you.

    • Smurf go sniff your.......the article clearly state he was found later same day,ppl like you just love to batt chou.the police is doing a duty but there will still be empathy and sympathy for him...every one is not wired the same,dont underestimate what the rider felt at the physical moment.

    • Smuf shut up you talking garbage, you and all these idiots giving you thumbs up. HIT AND RUN IS A CRIME !!

  10. straight SHOOTER

    Traffic laws on this island do not make any sense. Drivers are not being charge for their reckless and dangerous driving, this is why we are experiencing such nonsense driving on our roads. The government is to blame for their stupidity .We need to take this island back from those === MONEY HUNGRY IDIOTS.===

    • Foolish you, a man lost his life here and all you seem to be doing is getting political, is Kenny your brother or you are one of those idiots who can't see anything other than red.

  11. I didn't see vehicular manslaughter as one of the charges.

  12. Let's hope that whatever evidence the police have will be admissible in court. They have a way of ending up with no evidence or insufficient evidence.

  13. And I know is afriad you got omg sad on both side wah

    • Oh please. If though he was afraid he could have stayed. He has his life and the older gentle man does not....

    • That piece of crap taking disgusting photos and worst, when he accidentally killed the man, he didn't stay to check-up on his health condition nor was he sympathetic. That punk deserves jail

      • I wander if he was the one that call the ambulance

        • Actually I saw the accident no he didn't some one run across to the fire station to get help instead the bikers passed through beausejour , thanks to the cameras and eyewitnesses he is now made held responsible.


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