BREAKING NEWS: Man accused of stabbing woman at Vigie granted bail

BREAKING NEWS: Man accused of stabbing woman at Vigie granted bail
Dane Bissette
Dane Bissette

A man accused of stabbing a young woman and leaving her for dead near Vigie cemetery last week has been granted bail in the sum of $5,000.

Dane Bissette, 30, made his first court appearance today Wednesday, (October 21), where the charge of attempted murder was read to him. He was later granted bail.

Bissette was represented by Attorney-at-Law Alberton Richelieu and is set to make another court appearance on November 16, 2015.

On Friday, October 16, 2015 about 7:30 p.m. police responded to a report of a stabbing near the Cemetery in Vigie, Castries.

Upon arrival, the officers discovered Mc Lana Bernard, 24, of Agard, Morn Du Don, Castries, with multiple stab wounds.

Bernard was transported to the Victoria Hospital for treatment. She is currently in a stable condition.


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  1. What is the price of a human life in St.Lucia?
    $5,000.00 for attempted murder are u for real
    My God can this ass hole we have as a d am ass judge sitting on his prick? Any person with a half a brain knows that good for nothing sob should be held without bond. Let him out calmer is a bitch. Wait papa you are one savage sob wait wait. That's stupid system in StLucia is a joke.everyone in that court house are all dranks.


  2. Assholes you send h to finish the job. Lucia so behind. $5000 bail. Whoever is in charge of these rulings are just Olson stupid and inconsiderate of a life. I'd that was ur daughter or sister who would ask for more and he wouldn't even get a chance to be on bail.


  3. Lucians always seem to misinterpret stuff. For the IGNORAMUSES out there: Bail is not a punishment. If you are presumed innocent until proven guilty then how could bail then be set according to the crime committed. Bail is always based on circumstance and the perception of the accused ability to abscond before his trial. Thats why people with greater means are viewed as greater risks since they can pay their connections to leave the country. What is the court supposed to do e.g. with a man who commits a serious offence who lives in a one bedroom shack? Would you put a bail figure which reflects the crime but pays no attention to the man's means? Bail is ONLY to ensure that the accused has his day in Court, the money or land is refunded when he appears.
    We should stop making such baseless statements like we in some African movie. Even those movies show some level of sophistication, but most of you my fellow St. Lucians are no brighter than snails. Please do not broadcast this level of ignorance on the WWW, it is damaging to St. Lucia as our level of education determines the type of investments that we attract. Some of you, i wouldn't even employ you to bag at my supermarket, because even that deserves some level of objectivity.


    • Something is not right here, we need more info
      on the situation, the sequence of events, the real
      facts, who was the judge or magistrate who set
      the bail, and the real issues surrounding this
      attempted murder. He is now free to go on
      killing, which I think was his aim. I would keep
      him locked up. But does SLU have laws, the
      criminals are taking every factor into consideration
      when they stab, chop, mutilate and murder. We
      need real change and regulations. We need help.


    • Wam There

      You making sense in some areas but it would be the first time that persons, due to the seriousness of the crime, are held without bail.

      In this specific case it could be for his own safety because you never know, some family member may just decide to pay a hit man to take him out.

      Such possibilities are not so farfetched and so, had it been me, I would not grant bail.


  4. My good people, I'm moved to see how repulsed we are by this violent act. Can we take our feelings a step further by adjusting our thoughts towards violence in its other forms, the violent music and movies we entertain our selves with? Could we teach our children to hate violence by not buying them toy guns . We the adults can set a powerful example.


  5. If there is even a hint of suspicion on the part of the authorities that this fella was even remotely involved in that failed attempt to cowardly murder the young woman, what they have now done is simply give the fella room to try again to finish the heinous job! The lady called him out already! You think the coward will not now try to silence the woman once and for all!? Perhaps the cowards may now go and find a piece of shit whom they can pay a few dollars to go and finish the job so that the witness is silenced once and for all! SHAME ON THE AUTHORITIES! You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that whoever was so evil to stab the lady that way will still try to finish her off if he gets the opportunity to do so! So, if that fella that you just gave bail was somehow involved to the point that the lady called his name, why do you now free him just so?


  6. Tourists plz be happy you don't live in st Lucia. Don't come here you'll die. Most stupid country ever. Controlled by idiots. The government is shit and most ppl here are heartless. Also if u love animals ull be very depressed here, most have no love n care for animals, ull see them starving on the street while some injure these innocent animals for amusement. There are no laws here.


    • You dare you portray so much garbage about our beloved island...apparently where you reside has no hate...or corruption...go cry on facebook or instagram...or whatever social media your miniscule mind is able to function...not here...i rebuke your malicious comment and will say to any foreign entity i.e tourist to come here without any fear whatsoever...every element of paradise has its share of crime...dont paint us as the worse...just another lucian who is bent on seeing their own people stay on the ground...rather than have an uplifting message...for peace and prosperous activities....disgusting and foul motives...


      • Mere opinion are you living under a rock where there is absolutely no crime and all is perfect? Wow! Even in the cartoons there is crime!


    • so many of you are upvoting the disgusts me...yourll are probably born and raised here thats the sad part...


      • Who ever wrote this comment, I am in total agreement with you and not mere opinion. St.Lucians need to be more positive about each other. If they were that comment would not have been receiving so many likes. You are positive to your island and your people. Keep it up! St.Lucia needs more positive people like you Odd.


  7. People tend to be so dumb at times... did they say that he pleaded guilty? No!! They didn't.. he was only accused! So what if when the truth start coming out someone else is blamed and plead guilty. If was one of url family you guys would not be saying so but url sure would want bail until he is actually proven guilty... I don't know the guy but if it's him he will not go free but I pray this girl would heal quick and have the courage not to look at all men in a bad way.. God is good!


  8. He picked up the girl at work had his plan had a mask man waiting vigie. Dirty dog u dieing the same place. That's y you saying not u


  9. I just can't believe what I am reading.. 5000 in other words mean (go finish the job)..smh.. The girl still has to look over her shoulders every step she makes...