Man accused of anal sex with 7-year-old charged

Man accused of anal sex with 7-year-old charged

An 18-year-old male accused of having an unlawful sexual connection with a seven-year-old  girl in the community of Micoud last Thursday has been charged.

The teen, who according to reports is mentally-unstable, appeared before a magistrate and was remanded at the Bordelais Correctional Facility.

It is alleged that on May 22, the young man violated the child at a laundry in Micoud sometime after she went there to bathe, in order to get ready for school.

Reports are that the child was approached by the 18-year-old and told to give him a hug as it was his birthday.

The child refused and attempted to run out of the bathroom but the young man grabbed her and had anal sex with her.

That incident has left the entire community in shock. The alleged perpatrator was reportedly beaten before being given up to police. He was charged with unlawful sexual connection.


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  1. You all think children are innocent. Maybe. But they do lie unknowingly destroying lives of individuals. Many cases have been dropped due to the admittance of a (playful) lie. And some are tried and later found out to be later dismissed even after the suspect has been imprisoned. You should not judge without proper evidence.


  2. Angels of God from heaven so bright,Watch over the children and guide them right,fold your wings around them,guard them with your love,sing to them softly,from heaven above.

    All those who hurt innocent ones will face their carma one day,it may take some time but it will happen,no worries


  3. The parent of the seven year old should be healed accountable. You don't send your 7 year old daughter out to bath in a public bathroom unsupervised. The man who they claimed is mentally unstable, I am sure at the time of the assult knew what he was doing (violating this poor child). Please stop making excuses for these sick, disgusting people!


  4. We'll, this is all so pathetic.people try to be sensible and positive. What this bloke did was heinous. But let the law deal with hi. And do what is deemed necessary. He may need help as well as the child. Very very sad situation but let us be a bit dignified in our speech. Thanks


  5. St.Lucia has transformed into a disgraceful country in the space of a few months. Everyone's talking about that thing's "mental state". I feel extremely sorry for that little girl. She'll remember that for the rest of her life! The amount of nonsense that has been going on in this country over the last few months is disgusting and shameful! It's no wonder that St. Lucians leave the country and have absolutely nothing positive to say about the country and want to live abroad illegally and camouflage like they've never heard of St.Lucia! Utterly disgusting. I really hope that things change for the better because if things like this keeps happening on such a small island, you can forget relying on tourism.


    • I am really sad about the little girl. But why don't you and the people who try to camouflage rally around our nation by praying for our nation in this hard times. Ashame on you and all those being so negative.We need prays and positive thoughts not negativity


  6. Wow I didn't know 7 year olds were teens but with that said WOW mate must be really SICK mmm mmm mmmm SMFH


  7. thats just a sick world........I still believe at the time he knew what he was doing.The prosecutor has to prove that!!


  8. i feel so sorry for this little girl to have gone thru this lord please help her cuz shell be living with this for the rest of her life this is sad and the man knew exactly wat he was doing imagining a little girl getting raped in her rectum sooo painful


  9. he unstable but went for the "anal" option. rrriggghttt ( metally unstable) who decided that? Swef dem fellas swef ,i agree hang .... Pervert


  10. You'll lucians have the worst things saying for god sake he is mentally unstable what happen to the men that is thinking straight especially the police men you'll have nothing to say about that, the law is there for every one why is it only one set is been convicted if the guy is mentally unstable why send him to gail when the best place is to send him to the mad house is it a place for these kind of people the police are the biggest sex offenders and yet nothing is been done about this sick country


    • The word is JAIL and your comment is by far the most uneducated and irrelevant response I've read on the matter. The topic of discussion here (if you haven't noticed) is the "Mentally Unstable" man and what he did to the little girl. Like you said, the law is there for everyone! Commenting on policemen committing the same crime as the one stated above is completely irrelevant. If the guy is unstable then it will be proven and he'll be put into a mental home but until then we can all rule out that observation and see that beast for what he really is... and that is a rapist, pervert and pedophile! If I didn't know any better I'd say you were defending him. Saint Lucian men have been doing this crap for YEARS... dating under aged women and behaving inappropriately with them. They all know it's wrong and no one does anything to stop it. I can only assume that that man wanted to do what other men have been doing. Unstable or not, that young girl is suffering! Mental institute my a** that'll be like sending a murderer to Sandals. I don't even know why I bothered replying to this to be honest the thumbs down that you got says it all. I suggest you read the article again and put yourself in her position and then tell us if it matters if he's mentally unwell. I hate when people use that card to protect criminals!!!


  11. This is what happens whiles the ones in authority keeps charging people for seat belts and tires they need to give us a some attention ather than draining our pocket and offer some sort of councling and self esteem help programs so the crime will be stoppedand the this young gril our hearts bleed for her but she has been tinted for life and need constant counciling and monitoring


    • who told you he was gay? who said straight people don't have anal sex? and dont straight people rape as well? what an ignorant comment!


      • I am entitled to my opinion Just like you are you fool. Gays are damn pedophiles. A seven year old girl and you want to get on your high horse and call someone ignorant. THE RIGHTS OF THE CHILD HERE.


        • Umm wow Sunny.

          Like Ken said, some straight people have anal sex and being a homosexual doesn't automatically make you a pedophile. Read the article again. It didn't even say he was gay. Word of advice make use of Google and look up the following words: Homosexual, Pedophile and Ignorant because I'm pretty sure you misunderstood Ken's reason for calling your COMMENT ignorant because it really was!

          You're right everyone is entitled to an opinion but those such as the one you typed above shouldn't even leave your mouth because stuff like that makes you sound uneducated.