BREAKING NEWS: Local priest barred from ministry!

BREAKING NEWS: Local priest barred from ministry!
Father Quinlan
Father Quinlan

A Gros Islet parish priest is no longer in ministry after internal investigations by the local Roman Catholic church have confirmed startling revelations concerning his relationship with an adult male recently.

Gros Islet Parish Priest Fr. Stephen Quinlan was reportedly sent for counselling.

The announcement of Quinlan’s departure was read in the St. Joseph The Worker Catholic Church in Gros Islet town on Saturday night (July 5).

Archbishop Robert Rivas, Roman Catholic archbishop of the Archdiocese of Castries in St. Lucia, reportedly read the statement.

According to reliable sources, Archbishop Rivas said at the time of reading the statement, Quinlan is no longer in ministry.

It was further stated that Quinlan was disbarred after complaints by parishioners were investigated and found to be true.

When St. Lucia News Online contacted Archbishop Rivas by telephone, he said a statement will be issued to all media on Monday, July 7 concerning the issue.

A member of the St. Joseph The Worker confirmed that Quinlan resigned and that the statement was read, but explained that Archbishop Rivas will be the one dealing with the press in regards to the matter.


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  1. ".....the devil walks about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour." 1 Peter 5:8.

    My human reasoning tells me, you can only be devoured if you allow him, over & over again.
    King David, a man beloved of God, although married, was also a sinner but, he confessed his
    sins mercifully to God, not to the High Priest; he did pay his prices, but eventually forgiven and so
    beloved of God." All have sinned and come short of the glory of God," so have I, but for the Glorious
    and Sacred BLOOD of the LAMB, I plead more than once a day, I know I'm cleansed, but do try
    honestly not to offend again, but guess what? I'm still trapped in human Flesh and Being. "Judge not."


  2. When Christ was crucified it was the sin of Gossip lies and rumors that placed him on the cross. Many of us say we would noy have cried
    crucify him but sad to say based on what I read here that's exactly whatwe would do.


    • See pas nee sootoowez, pas nee vorleh. Too many visyears sootoowez standing behind molesters and victimizers.


  3. He was to much of a strong and no nonsence priest so they would never like him but god is good he alone knows. We will never get another one like strong father.


  4. He was to much of a strong and no nonsence priest so they would never like him but god is good he alone knows. We will never get another one like strong father.


  5. I felt very sad the way he was reprimanded. After all he is human. He needs prayers though I know he is very prayerful. On the other hand Fr Quinlan for some reason acted sometimes on gossips. I was a victim. I continue to respect him as my church Minister. However I strongly believe those are the same Gossipers who gossiped to the higher authorities about him whether true or not. I'm not a judge by profession nor the the Mighty Judge. Fr Quinlan you are a child of God and He will guide you in the paths of righteousness. Trust in him and him alone.


  6. Ah yes. The Devil is at work ! This was his attempt at the destruction of a soldier for Christ. We are praying for you Father ! You are more than a conqueror ! His Grace is sufficient for you ! His strength is made perfect when you are weak !


  7. Fr. Quinlan was an amazing parish priest. So much love could never come from an intrinsically evil person. So everyone should put a hold on the judgement. I wish the Archbishop handled this differently.