UPDATED: Commissioner explains process to identify body

UPDATED: Commissioner explains process to identify body
Linus Constantine
Linus Constantine

The decomposed body found on Marisule beach, Gros Islet on April 15, 2014 is confirmed to be that of 18-year-old youth leader Linus Constantine who was reported missing around that time.

This was disclosed at a press conference at Chesterfield, Police Headquarters in Castries this morning.

Police Commissioner Vernon Francois told reporters that a post mortem on Constantine’s body by Pathologist Dr. Stephen King revealed that he died of extensive head injuries secondary to blunt force trauma.

Initially, the investigative team spoke with a forensic official, Dr. Stephen Simpson, who was summoned to reconstruct the dental structure of the deceased. It was revealed that five teeth were missing.

A thorough search was conducted at the crime scene and the five missing teeth were recovered.

On Tuesday, May 8, the right and left thumb print records of Constantine were retrieved from the Electoral Department and taken to the Criminal Records Office.

The right and left thumb prints of the decomposed body found on Marisule beach was also taken to the office for analysis and comparison. It was later revealed that the two sets of finger prints matched.

In providing further details of the investigation, Francois said on June 2 certain articles were recovered from the residence of Constantine and taken to the forensic lab for DNA analysis. Further, on September 10, the lab suggested the possibility of pulp in the deceased which might have been useful for DNA testing. Lab personnel then commenced the procedure of extracting two molars and one incisor from the deceased and then cutting through the teeth to expose the apparent pulp.

After the procedure was completed, the teeth extracts were submitted to the lab for DNA testing.

Francois said on September 5, assistance was sought from retired Inspector of Police Stephen Chicot, who was provided with the fingerprint impressions. He examined and compared the fingerprints and noticed that it was a perfect match.

The police chief said assistance was also sought from the Royal Grenada Police Force, where an expert compared the fingerprints and informed local police that the fingerprints matched.

Once this was completed, the body was returned on Oct. 8 to Dr. King who was satisfied with the results. The pathologist then amended the post mortem documents to include Constantine’s name.

The relatives of Constantine were informed of the results this morning and the body handed over.

Police have since interviewed one suspect who was later released. The police chief said the matter will be aggressively pursued now that the identity of the decomposed body matches that of Constantine.

He explained that the investigations and DNA analysis may have taken a long period, but the aim was to ensure that a proper investigation was carried out.

Constantine, who was the chairman of Youth Talk, was officially reported missing on April 27 – almost 12 days after the body in Marisule was discovered.


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  1. Which forensic team anonymous. FRom what I gather the commissioner indicates only about fingerprints through assistance from a retired officer and an officer from grenada.

    There is no mention of any other forensic work that played a part in a positive identification.


  2. Not good enough. 6 month for finger print. You mean to tell me you dont have a computer system with such tech. in 2014.

    SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. We St Lucian's can be so small minded sometimes. The forensic team did a good job identifying the body considering the circumstances. we are quick to bring down our own but in the US, CANADA, ENGLAND and even FRANCE sometimes it takes em years to identify a body and look how advanced their resources are.

    May his soul Rest in peace and i hope his family found closure.


  4. Saint Lucia is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BACKWARD, that we had to sought help in finger-printing from Grenada?




  5. Hmm. Six months to get a fingerprint result and it had to be done by a long retired police officer and assistance from grenada. So where are our current fingerprint officers? Why do we have to go overseas for fingerprint. This cannot be good development.

    Yet the commissioner makes no definite mention of DNA being part of the final identification process. So what happened there with the forensic lab


  6. Rest in perfect peace young Man. This is truly sad. Stay strong family, friends & all who knew him. Keep praying to Almighty God for strength n guidance. And I hope the killer/s are very soon brought to justice.

    You can run, but you can't hide!!!


  7. Another lost soul. Don't criminals have hearts? He was a brother,a son, a companion, a friend. Its sad to know that he was demised in that manner. Rest in perfect peace in the bosoms of the Lord


  8. Sigh oh what needs. Yes it is 6 months later but thank God that we can find closure in knowing that it is actually his decomposed body. I pray that God grants his family strength through this tough time. To the person who did this wicked act you will surely pay. What a pity you think ure gonna get away with this. Smh.

    I pray once more for consolation for his family through this time of closure. Linus was a great friend that i loved dearly. You will surely be missed my dear.

    Yours truly


  9. Whoever did this you can run from man but you can,t run from Jah. You will get caught trust me. Deal with your conscience.


  10. All this time for a fingerprint identification. Bare inefficiency!!! Better communication could have made all this a less traumatic experience for the family and all those involved. Instead of both the Justice minister and Police Commissioner ignoring and evading the family, a simple Press Conference stating that "Preliminary finger print evaluations have revealed.... XYZ but police are still awaiting conclusive DNA confirmation."