Levern Spencer third at Continental Cup!

Levern Spencer third at Continental Cup!

(SNO) — Levern Spencer ended her fantastic season with another international medal, finishing third in women’s high jump at the IAAF Continental Cup on Sunday (Sept. 9) at the City Stadium in Ostrava-Vítkovice in Ostrava, Czech Republic.

The Saint Lucia and Caribbean champion repeated her finish from 2010, when she took bronze for the Americas. This time, with her team in the lead, she cleared 1.93m to take the antepenultimate spot.

Going in, Spencer was one of just nine women from the English-speaking Caribbean, out of a team totalling 34 in number, and the only woman from the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States.

Already this year, Spencer has won gold in her pet event at the Commonwealth Games, Central American and Caribbean Games, and North and Central American and Caribbean (NACAC) Senior Championships.

This time, she had to settle for the second runner-up spot, with Europe’s Mariya Lasitskene clearing 2.00 for gold, and Asia-Pacific’s Svetlana Radzivil clearing 1.95 for the silver.

For Spencer, she needed two tries at 1.93, and two tries as well at 1.91m, having cleared 1.87m and 1.82m on the first attempt. This has been the most successful season the 34-year-old has ever enjoyed, with three international gold medals and a bronze.


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  1. Again, I say thank you Lavern for all your accomplishments. You've made us very proud. But one there is one thing though . . . You will only be good and not great unless you are able to clear 2m.


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