Levern Spencer qualifies for high jump final

By Terry Finisterre, SNO Sport Correspondent

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Levern Spencer has made history once again, becoming the first Saint Lucian ever to qualify into a final at the Olympic Games.

The veteran high jumper, many times Sportswoman of the Year in Saint Lucia, cleared 1.94m on her first attempt at the Games of the XXXI Olympiad in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, on Thursday morning.

The 32-year-old Pan American Games champion cleared 1.80, 1.85, 1.89 and 1.92, all on her first attempts.

She will become the second Saint Lucian to contest an Olympic final, following Zepherinus Joseph in men’s Marathon (a straight final) in 2004.

The women’s High Jump final will be on Saturday, 20 August from 7:30pm Eastern Caribbean time.

Unfortunately, Saint Lucia will not have two women in the final on this occasion, as was the case in the 2015 IAAF World Championships. Jeanelle Scheper was unable to negotiate 1.92m, which would have been a season’s best for her.

Levern came into the qualifying rounds with a season’s best of 1.95m, and she cleared at least 1.94m for the fourth time this season on Thursday.

Levern ended the qualification phase tied for first, while Jeanelle was 25th out of 34 athletes.

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  1. My heartfelt congratulations to our champion. May she go on to capture gold. Blessings, babes!

  2. Best of Luck tonight Lavern, We are very proud of you.

  3. Big up leverne for doing st.Lucia proud. Just a correction,she is the second st.Lucian to make an Olympic final. Zepherinus Joseph aka knockay or straws represented st.Lucia in the 2004 Athens Olympics in the Marathon having made the qualifying time.

    • Actually the third. Michael Green aka the Silver Fox of the Seas, contested a final in 1996. Neither of them advanced to a final at the Games. Parsing the language to some extent I suppose.

  4. Congratulations to Jeannelle as well. You did well for qualifiying for the games. Never give up. Hope to see you again as you are great and I am sure, an inspiration to Leverne!

  5. I am very happy and elated with Lavern's performance. However, I sure wish it was our national colors going over that Bar.



  7. Just loving the joy it brings .

  8. girl, you have that down, nothing can stop you, you have god, family and the whole world there with with. its yous take it. take it... We are there with u. Its yours, take it baby girl, take it. Shepler we love you girl.. thanks..

  9. What ever you come home with it is good . St lucia is not only for crime .We do have successful young men & women .

    God is with you .

  10. Whether she gets gold or silver, all St.Lucians should be proud and happy for her, I know I am and when she does it let's all be there for her. Great achievement young lady, claim it you deserve it!

  11. Levern has won the hearts of many St. Lucian just to get into the finals. It’s a golden moment for her and St. Lucia so we can say technically she has won gold.
    No matter the results its a great achievement, you go girl, three cheers Levern, well done, just go for the icing now.

  12. Well well well: good job Laverne the whole of Helen is behind you we will give you the additional explosion you will need come Saturday: God be with you my girl

  13. You are already a winner...bringing home a medal is a bonus..

  14. Very good my girl. The Gold is ours. The sky is the limit so go and make us St. Lucians proud. Whop whop Whop Whopa Whopa

  15. Amazing job young lady!

  16. 170 000 people home crossing theyr finger for you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • A O Popo aka Pancras Popo

      Let's be positive, Laverne will succeed and give this proud nation of over 200,000 people a medal.Jump Laverne jump.

  17. Great job just being there. Do your best and good luck. Yeahhhhhh

  18. any medal would do.
    like it.

  19. FANTASTIC!!!!!

  20. Go Laverne, let the whole world know you by your name and achievements......Bring home the Gold darling!

  21. SWEEEEET!!

  22. Well Done Lavern. Hope you go on to win. St Lucia deserves a gold medal.
    Well done and Big Up!

  23. Wishing her well but lets face it , she placed fifth in qualification. I'm not convinced she gonna win a medal.

  24. Wishing her well BUT lets face it she placed fifth in qualification.

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    sleep every night, eating the right foods on time, no smoking, no drugs or weed.
    Avoid black pudding and Pork, white bread and sweet sugary stuff, starchy foods.
    Avoid worry, take only what is professionally recommended for Vitamins, Sex with
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    Try your utmost to achieve PEACE all the time. Pray daily to The Father Son @ Holy Spirit.

  26. Good luck Levern. This is your year to Medal. You've got this. Woop Woop.

  27. Wow this a huge accomplishment! Hope she medals on saturday! And i hope Jeanelle continues to work for the next olympics in 2020

  28. Big up this girl with all your might. A true hero that started from scratch.Stop giving awards to reprobate and unpleasant hoteliers.

  29. Need to give this 5000 thumbs up!!!!! You will surely come home with the silver if not the gold !!!!!!!


  31. She's coming home with the gold in the might name of Jesus. Lavern I cover you with the blood of Jesus. Best of luck.

  32. You make us proud Levern ... Give it your best!

  33. I say go for the gold and you will get it. I will still settle for silver.

  34. I pray for the gold. She deserves it. We are small but it's time for name to be pinned on the global athletic wall. May God grant her the grace and valor to make us all proud. And may here name be etched into our hearts and annals for centuries yet to come.

  35. rayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!

  36. She coming with the silver.and when she win I hope I get a chance to meet her cause of my prediction...


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