BREAKING NEWS: Lester Daniel appears in court for first time

By SNO Staff
Lester Daniel (centre) at the Gros Islet court today.

Lester Daniel (centre) at the Gros Islet court today.

Murder accused Lester Daniel made his first appearance in the Gros Islet First District Court today, June 27, 2017.

The businessman and freelance photographer was further remanded to prison and is scheduled to reappear in court on August 9, 2017.

It was around 4:30 p.m. yesterday that Daniel was charged with non-capital murder for the death of 27-year-old Reduit, Gros Islet resident Ike Ephraim, whose family turned out in large numbers at the Gros Islet court today.

More details soon

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  1. Crown of Thorns

    In the words of the great Peter Tosh "Live clean, let your works be seen, stand firm
    or you gonna feed worm" So relevant to this situation.

    Further, we need to a more forgiving and sincere nation. We are eating and feeding too much hate while walking blindly. Too sad for both families because when we act stupidly and allow our anger to dictate our actions after we are gone or incarcerated whats left are our families. They live in fear and heartbroken. Think people! Think!!!

  2. Those in charge have no interest in solving crimes because they have their own reasons for looking the other way. the crooks are in suits. and thats the problem. this lester guy thought he could have gotten away with murder of someone less than him, a vagabond. so he took full advantage. and many of them in position in st lucia behave like that. they target those that they think lower than them to destroy. it always backfire. i hope that he take some good jail for a very long time. he deserve nothing but jail time for this guys murder. the comments from the society is shocking. they have no resaoning skills. it does not matter who this guy was, no one had a right to do that. and no doubt this lester thought what a nobody i can do what i want with him.. there are plenty like that walking around the place. and they need to face justice too.

  3. As the owner of a business in Rodney bay we are finally getting some peace in Rodney bay

  4. People who label people and hide are no different to criminals. All of them saying that the boy was a menace, some even alleging that he had already killed people. But how do you all know all that and have never reported it to the police? On top of that you still want to call the police incompetent.

    That is exactly the "indifference" to crime which the report on crime mentioned. If you are not providing information to the police yet you want to justify the killing of someone whom you have information on then you are also an endorser, aider and an abettor of crime. You cannot have your cake, eat it and then blame someone else. All what you know remains with you so it cannot be of any value to anybody else so why should we share your beliefs.

    • Oh so u think the police didnt know about him? The police ever care about anything unless somebody ends up dead? All the vieux negs out there harassing, robbing ppl everyday making ppl feel unsafe.. Sorry, not sorry he's gone.

  5. What i surmise:

    - Ike is dead. Doesn't really matter how.
    - Everyone debating on whether he deserved it.. You're wasting your time. You'll never change the minds of those who think he didn't.
    - those who think he didn't deserve it, can you honestly say he wouldn't have done the exact same thing to Lester if the situation was reversed. If not then shut up.
    Instead use that energy to stop his"crew" from ending their lives the same way he ended his
    In other words, yes what goes around comes around, and from the sound of it... His came around. So stop wasting your life arguing and defending on social media, and instead try doing something useful and preventing it from happening again

  6. I have read quite a bit of this and there is no sensitivity for either party....who are we to judge. How comes these people know so much about the deceased ... He was this and that , he did this and that. And no one brought his behavior to law enforcers. So the society is to blame. Because we give a blind eye such evil in the society. Did anyone question him about his behaviour at an early age. Finally, avoid the children in all of this. We may never know what may happen to yours even before something happens to his.. Our God reign supreme. And he directs the wind.

  7. The Country is bleeding profusely economically, a Police force that is lacking in investigating skills, low morale, thugs having a field day knowing incompetence abounds has left the Citizenry with no choice but to take the bull by the horns and deal with these things accordingly.

  8. Yall saying lester should of call the police ike wasn't no good boy wtf he murdered ppl like dogs already and don't pretend like yall didn't know he kill ppl he was a menace to business places rodney bay a lot of them happy these fellas do too much crap when he use to beat and rob ppl innocently he was a bully lester wasn't a saint either but he wasn't a menace we all have our down falls and the reality is if ike had the chance he wpuld of done worst

    • Who did he kill? The killer question no one wants to answer! You cannot have it both ways if you cannot say who then its fake news.

  9. These thugs will be expose to vigilante justice. There will be no peace until we get of them all.

  10. No matter what's sad, bad and messed up. All the way around

  11. I hope Lester's kids end up like ike.....Or even Lester too......

    • You're an imbecile to involve the mans innocent children in this...fool...becareful what you wish for....Karma is a will fall back on you and your family...stupidity at its best

  12. I'm rejoicing goodbye Lester

  13. We crying everyday about them yutes doing how much ting in the country...if we all have to be honest we say sometimes to ourselves if its me them men do ting I doing this,i doing sure Lester didn't want that on him.He is probably another frustured st lucian who this guy chose to mess with and got his match...for the amount of ppl cars going missing eh seeing Yall sayn much for these ppl who have lost they cars.u know how much it hurt to be Rob of ur hard working things....yalll can hide behind the computer n say what Yall what.....but something has to to be done to stop all this...CRIME.

  14. Majority of lucians are a set of hypocrites...their argument is neber objective, only objective to suit their cause. They support badboys and badness when it is beneficial to them and they need a problem solved. However when they or someone they partial to find themselves on the receiving end, they want to talk like they are the holiest ppl on the earth.

    Ok Ike was on his badman heights...y'all dunno Ike to judge him, none of you know what he has been through. You'lll talking about criminals and all of that, half of you passing judgement in comments sleeping with minors, stealing ppl money and doing boball where you''ll working to maintain you'll lifestyle....guess what?...all crime is crime ao of they buss you'll for that is da same penal system you'll facing. You'll talking about Lester like he was some saint too, de other day Lester was in court for raping somebody and since then he sleeping with endless girls under the guise of potential employment, how you feel he end up in strip club business? Fine, upstanding businessmam my ass. Where were you'll when he and his brother (who squeel on him) tried to throw Ike down the stepa after bursting his head, which is what triggered Ike? You'll talking off of speculation and is bare fockery alone. Remember everybody have dem ways and none of you know all what you'll children doin, so do not be quick to judge and let the law take it's course. But i know that will never happen because lucians too souceh.

    Well he was my friend...Lester will face the law, i am happy about that, I hope the other persons involved (we know you'll) are lucky enough to face the law as well.

    • Wow!!! You know so much??? Withholding evidence I see. If you know them as you said and not coming forward then you are no Better than them..

    • Just another JOMBIE that upset his FRIEND got what was coming to him. Show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are.

      Yall can do but nothing can be done to yall and yours. It's time innocent people retaliate against yall suckers. Not yall alone that bad. IDIOTS!!!!!

    • So because ike was your friend that makes his behaviour ok? I hope as his friend you used to try to get him to change his ways when he has alive. Dirty disgusting thugs... One less nuisance to deal with.

  15. Plus they charged him with non capital murder like seriously ....hmmmm.

  16. there is one in the community of mon repos he is a menace to society he has been in and out of bordelaise those thugs know how to target the ones afraid of them.

  17. Bunch of idiots he did a crime he is a criminal he is no saint if it was ike or any other guy thts not dressed in suits n called ghetto yute you all wud see it differently urll are too one sided at least the yutes ppl know them for who they truly are but those who use physical appearance to cover up their dirt are the most disgusting criminals

  18. Let me echo your sentiments star, the young lady he raped..sent him to beat and kill. Yall think science playing. God will not allow tings to happen if yall are innocent!1

  19. Lester has started a new Operation Restore Confidence.

    • You talking crap they should hang Lester who is he to be taking the law in his own hands. Their is a process.

    • Have no regrets lester Ike deserved what he's been looking for a long tym ago....REST IN PEACE...this is the only way he could stay out of trouble

  20. St. Lucia's police force needs to copy that of Barbados. The policemen who are now circulating the streets are not trained to deal with the violence the country is now experiencing. Very experienced officers should be placed on the streets to do the work which the people are paying for. Those in charge should know that tourism means a lot to the country and therefore law enforcement personnel needs to come up with plans to eradicate those deaths.

    I am so ashamed to be a St. Lucian and though I would like to return one day, I don't think it is the safest place for people to live. The young people need to find jobs or become entrepreneurs. Some of them are way too lazy and so they sit around hoping to earn a living from a person's handbag or get involved in drugs. By now, one would think that after so many homicides, there would be a change.

    St. Lucians need to stop voting for people with little or no education. It is such an embarrassment to see our leaders either speak like crap at this stage in life. They need to educate themselves and do the work before blood flows the street. May God help this country.

  21. Lucians a bunch of fu**ing hyprocrites. They don't know what they want. When the criminals doing crap all over the the place and terrorising them all of the crying and complaining. They police not doing nothing. Now when somebody get tired of the bullshit and beat the crap out of them. Then he didn't deserve to die like that. He was troublesome what the hell is troublesome to you'll. A kid is troublesome. A grown ass man is a menace or nuisance...

    • Wait till it knocks at your door. Have a vehicle knock you over, pass on you, reverse on you, picked up, beat up, dropped in a drain, then a brick lash to your head; then come talk. People need to stop playing judge & jury. The autopsy never said Ike was drunk. Troublesome or not, no one deserves to die in this manner. Lester thought he would get away with this, like all his other crimes. Don't allow a man dressed in a suit to fool you. When you speak of Ike, speak of personal experience or experiences, not hearsay. God don't like ugly. Lester did the crime and he will do the time or face the same fate as Ike.

      • Clearly you were not present and you are just repeating rumors. You have no clue what took place and you do not speak as someone who is interested in the truth just emotions taking over you.

      • If he wasn't Drunk then he knew all what he was doing that night!!! Smh. Maybe Lester went a lil too far but for goodness sake a man can take this much!!! It's true Ike has families and friends they will be hurt , they will ask God why. I wished he had stayed far from that place on that dreadful night! But the truth of the matter is he looked for trouble with the wrong person.

    • Be that it may you can't go around been judge, jury and executioner, in a civil society their is a process and a rule of law that must be adhered to and I hope Lester feels the full brunt of it. Who bestowed him to be sheriff ?

    • Well said, Lester got tired of him disrepecting his business place and I'm sure Ike friends know of his behavior.

    • Well said....obviously something was done to receive that type of beating...sad an innocent man has to face this for being fed up of these nuisance

  22. from time you doing people wickedness stealing and acting bad man and being a menace to society you have to die like a dog. to yall bad boys that out there there is always someone badder than yall so stop taking people for papishow one day you will get ur match and regret it

  23. Maybe Lester didn't kill him. Someone else might have taken the opportunity of seeing Lester giving Ike a beating in view of many witnesses. People keeps saying he was so much trouble; one saw the opportunity to get rid of him and took it

    • If that was the case Lester's vehicle and clothing wouldn't have Ike's blood all over it.

      • Yes I said it : ppl like you are the biggest problem in society. You'll never try to stop the problem before it escalate. Your excuse is he was troublesome. If you and someone have an ongoing feud you would try your best to stay away from them. Thats what you and everyone else should advice Ike to do. They both could have diffuse the problem but didn't. You should have told him not everyone would always acccept his behaviour instead you view it as TROUBLESOME!!!! should have try to get him to change before it got this far

  24. Ike was my top G ...Lester is my top G...yow provocation not nothing easy ...Ike use to push people to .. him up...but still he was my friend matter the life he live ....But lester that's the last thing I was expecting of you....why you didn't think of your kids...involve the cops have him on a bond...its hurts me to see he die like this although he was living the bad life...

    Lester its breaking my heart to see you have to go to prison for murder...I know rage does a lot. But my g you should think ...a man like you yoww...Jah bless mun life goes ....RIP Ike

    • Are you so sure he did it. It could be anyone, it so happened that people saw him beat up Ike. Anyone could have kill him and maybe did

    • I like the impartiality coming from you. But indeed, Life is a thing. I just think that when you live the "bad life" you should just refrain from pulling other persons into the life...May he Rest in Peace, and may God guide Mr Daniel.

    • Lester is u mean a man like him....ike is disgusting, it takes a lot of patience not to do react when that a--- was around!!!lester may the good lord forgive you...its not your fault

    • Provocation? I doubt! After killing Ike and dumping his body, Lester had the heart to make a report about harassment. Lester hid his white vehicle, then was on the road with his black vehicle, like nothing ever took place. Lester's own brother sold him out. No need to look for excuses for Lester. He did the crime and will do the time.

      • It was provocation! He simply has a low tolerance to being provoked not anybody can bare a man coming to your business establishment doing shit to harm what you've worked hard for!! Ike came to the man's business and stirred up his death. and he WAS NOT A GOOD BOYYYYYYYY!!!!!! He was disgusting and begging for the manner in which he died. I don't condone murder at no circumstance but Lester was just weak at diffusing his anger! He sure got read of a menace to society!

  25. They always have a set of nasty coocoon sutties to defend criminals like ike ,I know y'all use to ride his dick for the money he was robbing ppl of y'all have to go syck a next criminal dick for money now

    • Mind your language Bily. Goodness me. Is this all the vocabulary you know. Count from 10 backwards and let go of the anger....

  26. Well said hun...
    Well said...

  27. This ike guy has been a pest for some time now. The stories I have heard and the things he did to people! And his friends and family will say.. "ike was troublesome, but...".

    He was not "troublesome", he was a menace and a thug, a bully. Stop making excuses for him. Y'all now saying that nobody deserves to die that way, but I don't know about that. When you live a certain way you have to be ready to die a certain way.

    So to all his family and friends who showed up at court, where were you all when he was alive and exhibiting his criminal behaviour to tell him to stop? Did you just sit idly by and enjoy the things that he stole and gave y'all? Or laugh when he told y'all stories about his criminal activities? Y'all always want justice for people when they get killed but never try to get them to improve themselves while they're alive and being a menace in society. But when they get killed, he was such a nice cool guy, right? Hypocrites

    • Citizen by birth

      Your hit the nail right on the head ?????

    • PREACH

    • Very well said, the stories you've heard. But never personally had an encounter with. You claim Ike to be a menace, thug and bully; that I accept. Just as Lester is a murderer. You people need to stop being hypocritical. Why try making excuses for a man who murdered another, his own brother saw it fit to squeal on him, his vehicle was found with the blood, his clothing was found covered in blood,he discarded the body. Lester is just another criminal dressed up in a suit.

    • He could be the biggest pest to you or a pestilence to your mother that's what the police is there for. If all these people had so much issue with mate and they went and complain to the police about him they would have probably kill or he would have been behind bars right now but all Lucians do is talk.

    • Well said who ever u are , it's time these fellas , mother ,father, cuz, girlfriends and friends start addressing these bad boy bad and horrific behavior.

  28. It would have been best that Lester called the cops to report even the beaten if that's what happened instead of throwing the young man out on the streets to die. Today he may ha e been in prison but not for mirdering anyone. I feel the pain of both parties involved!

    • He might have beat him and throw him in the street, but who would kill a man, after so many people saw you beating him. Someone could have passed after Lester and finish the job.

      • Nobody passed after Lester. Lester did it all and tried to cover it up. Lester's brother was the one who sold him out. That is why today he was at court without a lawyer or family member present. All the evidence was found. Lester did the crime and he will do the time.

  29. Now you speaking b/s .. who is the criminal now you fool... so because he is well dress and speak proper English be is no criminal.... hahah well think twice cause that's is all a cover up ... stop judging ppl

  30. To c u have to go jail for a criminal/theif that provoked I it hard e,hard honest working man at work at a well known criminal coming start war at your place n lead to this ,they need to ban these thieves from coming to places where civilised ppl hang out ,viex criminal

    • Go to jail for a criminal?? Billy init?? Please tell me how do you define a criminal?? Your point is because the accused is wearing a suit, he isn't a criminal? How well do you know him. Let me go down memory lane wit you... this is the same person who put families in shame for exposing pornographic materials of young girls and the list will on but I will stop here. secondly could someone tell me why do civilized people hangout in strip clubs???

      • that man u all see is not as innocent youll claim him to be...god does not sleep wat he did in 2010 and tried to pay ppl of ha ha ha god is just he does not sleep wen u raped and beat the young lady she didnt die but look wat you still did beat another person and that one dead...lgod does not sleep my brother

    • Seems like you were there. Lester is a murderer that makes him a criminal as well. God don't like ugly. He without sin cast the first stone.

      • You are a relative to ike. You are biased. No one deserves to die like this but karma my friend... you know the rest.

    • Ppl like you'll does die worst deaths...don't worry about Ike, he have no more trouble and pain, don't worry about Lester, the law have him, worry about yourself and the life you living and where your mouth might make you end up. Everybody have their time, I hope you know when yours is and you see it coming.


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