BREAKING NEWS: Latest homicide victim was acquitted of murder in 2016

BREAKING NEWS: Latest homicide victim was acquitted of murder in 2016
Charles Justin aka is the island's 31st homicide victim for 2017.
Charles Justin aka is the island’s 31st homicide victim for 2017.

Charles Justin, also known as Stanley, of Plateau, Babonneau, the latest homicide victim, was one of two men charged in connection with a homicide – the discovery of a body in a shallow grave – in March last year in Babonneau.

However, the murder charge against him was dropped and he was released on order from the High Court on November 23, 2016, according to Kerwin Albert, communications officer at the Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) where Justin was an inmate.

Albert said while Justin was “acquitted” his co-accused Neil ‘Jerry’ Wilson, remains behind bars for the same offence.

Justin, 32, sustained fatal stab wounds on Jeremie Street, Castries just before 8:00  last evening (Tuesday, July 11).

He and Wilson (28 at the time), also of Plateau, were charged with murder on March 29, 2016 in connection with the death of their friend, Dean Monlouis of La Guerre, Babonneau, who was discovered in a shallow grave on March 24, 2016 in Plateau Babonneau.

Charles Justin was among two men charged with the murder of their friend in Babonneau in 2016. In this photo they are seen covering their faces when they made an appearance in court.

The duo attempted to shield from cameras on their arrival at court.

Monlouis’s death was the 8th of 31 homicides committed last year.

Relatives of Monlouis had reported that he disappeared three days prior to the discovery of his decomposing remains.

Reports are that time indicated that Monlouis shared an apartment with the two murder accused.

Neighbours had speculated that the deceased had a heated exchange with his roommates over an alleged illicit activity, which may have led to his disappearance, and that he had received death threats.

The body of Monlouis was later discovered buried under a coconut tree, and Justin and Wilson were subsequently arrested.

It is not yet clear if Justin’s murder last evening is connected with his murder charge last year.

Justin’s death ties the 2016 homicide figure of 31.



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  1. Well people he's dead, let's move on with our lives and stay safe, whilst praying for families and friends who has lost loved ones to violence !?


  2. "Wtf" and "doh bad mind",Two criminals!!! And "Wtf" stop exposing your ignorance on Social media!


  3. So what u think the person relatives will just sit n let u get away with murdering their loved one.hmmmmm.u can never tell what's on ppl mind n how far they're willing to go. Not because the law set u free to think the family would. U don't know how much evil st lucia n ppl will go the extra mile for justice even if it means pulling the devil by the tail ... just saying


  4. Ppl are quick to bring up karma. Yes there is karma but there is also something called asking god for forgiveness and thats more powerful than karma once you are sincere.


    • Amen to that. Anyone who disagrees with this is part of the problem why our society is in decay. Vigilente justice isnt always the right way. I hope these ppl and/or their families go flawless for the rest of their lives. Smh


  5. smh all yall that playing bad man what they say is true karma is a bitch even if your got free on that murder watch how it still end up biting you in ur backside. what goes around comes around you killed a man someone killed you to and i heard is for a woman they stab mate


  6. At any time in St. Lucia whilst going about your own business, you can be a witness to fatal shootings, stabbings and choppings, leaving you just as vulnerable as the victims. What have we come to in our tiny little island. This shouldn't be! Most people living in the metropolis don't see these things.


    • Exactly, and some idiots are two blind or i should say dumb to understand that this crime epidermic is much bigger than the individual being killed. It can fall in your yard.


  7. The man who sh-- out ah road never remember, but the one who step in it never forget the stench.
    You can't plant peas and reap corn, some does plant peas and reap bud grass.
    The world is round, it's a cycle it draws you a circle.


  8. An elder must not be a new believer, because he might become proud, and the devil would cause him to fall.

    – 1 Timothy 3: 6


    • How can you seat there and take time out of your day to type this bullshit? Can you not read? It clearly stated charges were dropped. It was obviously dropped cause he was innocent no? Did you read anywhere in this article that the two incidents are connected? No... So what exactly is going around and coming back around? Tell me? Since u know so much about karma.. maybe before you u take time out of your day to type shate u should read first yh


      • Charges being dropped doesn't mean he was innocent. It was most likely due to lack of evidence and the police not being able to prove sh--, like usual.


        • Im not saying he did but 3 man living together one get kill....there is no way on this planet i would take blame and let 3rd guy go free...excepting if he really is innocent,in this case it seems very apparant he had nothing to do with it..


      • let me tell you something yes the charges are dropped and it might mean he was innocent but it does not have to be that way once the court cant find evidence of you linking to a crime the charge will be dropped so more than likely he did kill the guy and he knows it in his heart but the court cant see it cause maybe of lack of evidence. so many people that do things and they go scott free.

        look at the yardie case for instance, one of these guys had to have pulled the knife but all of them are free

        and to your question about the karma what you do to people it will happen to you or worse he killed a guy now a guy killed him


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