BREAKING NEWS: Latest homicide victim identified

BREAKING NEWS: Latest homicide victim identified
Ike Ephraim
Ike Ephraim
Ike Ephraim

The dead body discovered in a drain in Caye Mange, Gros Islet this morning has been identified as that of Ike Ephraim of Gros Islet, according to law enforcement sources.

According to the deceased’s Facebook profile, he is 27, lives in Gros Islet and is from Reduit, Gros Islet.

Messages of condolences for Ephraim have been pouring in on social media since news of the discovery.

This is the 28th recorded homicide for the year.


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  1. People say he had it coming he was this,He was that but I say no one deserves to die in this manner.Every so call bad man has family and friends who love them.He might have been a menese to some but to others he might have been an angel.
    RIP to him......This is yet another example to all the young men out there this lifestyle is nothing good,it's a death sentence.


  2. Come on let's pray for our nation instead of saying nonsense put Jesus in our life people we all have make mistakes ok no one is perfect god can forgive alot of people that do things that bad u no ok cause there is alot that prentending they never have fault and so christainity and calling God's name in vein they are hypothceites


  3. Sigh this is heartbreaking saw ike lil baby his mom snd I were buddies may she r.i.p, but honestly I have nun much yi say a part from no one deserves to die this way.. rest in peace with your mom patsy ike.....sad


  4. How does one take another life... and just go to sleep at nights... Its beyond my understanding.

    I am also confused as to these young men.... what have they been up to? What causes such end to one's life and where is all that energy coming from. Why can't they channel it into something good or better... is this how we just opt to live life accepting such tragic ends and mostly to our male counterparts ... what seems to be the issue here.... Our woman porn stars and the men a target for murder/butchering. I guess its time we ask ourselves some really important questions if we want to see any real progress or improvements in our own personal lives, because only then will that overflow into out society .


  5. When will this horrible nightmare end!!Guys this has gotten quite alarming!! Please please lets start addressing the elephant in the room.We do not want to be ranked as a no go island...


  6. Don't take up bad man roll if u no say it doh fit u....U weren't raise on the streets you forced urself to be part of all crap....see what it reward you...RIP IKE


  7. Well well well!! That's close to home. It's sad that lives has to be taken away like that. But then again there's so much of he say, they say, him do, they do. Meeeee let me keep quiet eh. May his family find comfort.


  8. I would think that it is a suspected homicide at this time pending confirmation from law enforcement and the post mortem report.


    • Please please why are you people such hypocrites and enablers, like the one selling the item on the street you know isn't working anywhere but yet still buys its... Come on look at this guy all tatatooed up, etc etc lets ask this where does he work? When was the last time he paid any taxes, but ask yourself how comes this don't often happen to the women? Seems to be happening to a certain type of folks choose to close your eyes that ok but lets ask the real questions and find out the answers honestly


    • you think its a suspected homicide loool nothing suspect dude was beaten to death and was concious till the very end suck to be him but that nigga had it coming


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