BREAKING NEWS: Latest homicide victim identified

BREAKING NEWS: Latest homicide victim identified

Police officials have formally identified the country’s latest homicide victim as Shervon Ashton.

He is a 24-year-old resident of Bocage, Castries, police said.

Ashton’s body was discovered around 6:30 a.m. this morning, Nov. 7 at Crown Lands in Deglos, Bexon, according to new information from police officials.

Reports are that the body bore marks of violence, particularly a wound to the neck.

A post mortem will be conducted this week to determine cause of death.

Ashton had or has several matters before the courts and was known to the police.

This is the 49th homicide for the year.


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  1. The body was found in the Deglos area along the inner relief road that leads to Crownlands. St Lucians need to Learn their Geography SMH


    • At least the body was found. Stop looking for petty errors cause none of us are perfect. Sad we are losing many men in st.lucia. no matter what ur character seemed to people u were someone indeed. RIP. Condolences to the family


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